Kingdom of New Finland (2019)

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Kingdom of New Finland
Flag of New Finland
Motto: "Validum erit regnum et bestiae cadent"
Anthem: "Beasts shall fall"
New Copenhagen
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
  • 74.1% New Copenhageners
  • 25.9% New Espooians
Demonym(s)New Finnish
GovernmentHereditary monarchy
• His Majesty The King
Mikael Korhonen
LegislatureHis Majesty's Council
Copenhagen Gathering
Espoo Gathering
from the Finland
• Independence
25 July 2019
• Constitution ratified
3 August 2019
• Total
491.8 km2 (189.9 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
• 2023 census
very high
CurrencyNew Finland Dollar
Time zoneUTC+3 (EEST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+358

The Kingdom of New Finland, more commonly known as New Finland, is a micronation that claims the cities of Copenhagen, Denmark and Espoo, Finland. It was founded in 2019 by His Majesty King Mikael Korhonen who acts as the kingdom's head of state and leader of the New Finland Government.

New Finland is a hereditary monarchy, where His Majesty The King is the has been the ruling Head of State since the kingdom's foundation. In 2021, His Majesty The King formed His Majesty's Council to aide him with the kingdom's management and to provide useful advisory when making executive decisions.

New Finland as a kingdom has been widely secluded from the broader micronational community, however His Majesty's Order of Digitalisation has seen the New Finland Government expand online through the usage of platforms such as Discord.


The Kingdom of New Finland's name was chosen by His Majesty King Mikael Korhonen upon its formation in 2019. 'Kingdom' comes from the type of state that New Finland is, a monarchy that is lead by a king. 'New Finland' relates to the kingdom's claims the cities of Copenhagen and Espoo, describing itself as a newer Finland.


New Finland's creation was proclaimed and independence declared by His Majesty King Mikael Korhonen on 25 July 2019, claiming the city of Copenhagen as its territory. The constitution was later ratified by His Majesty King Mikael Korhonen on 3 August 2019. In the first few months of its creation, New Finland gained a total of 30 citizens. Citizenship was granted solely by His Majesty The King at the time, with each citizen being given a physical pin badge to show and prove citizenship. Citizens who joined in 2019 are commonly known as the 'first wave citizens'.

On 29 January 2020, His Majesty The King formed the Ministry of Health in response to the first COVID-19 case being reported in Finland. A health emergency was declared by the Ministry of Health on 2 February 2020. Due to the physical nature of the New Finnish movement, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in large amounts of inactivity from the New Finland Government which began to hold meetings using the video conferencing platform Google Meet.

On 3 March 2021, His Majesty's Council was formed as part of an initiative to get citizens more involved in New Finland's government.

Politics and government

His Majesty King Mikael Korhonen formed the New Finland Government in December 2019 which allowed public servants to support him with his royal duties as the kingdom's leader. The government at the time consisted of the Ministry of Citizenship, the Ministry of Money and the Ministry of Defences. Public servants are all granted the title or 'Sir' or 'Lady' upon joining the New Finland Government.

Current government

Today's New Finland Government consists of 8 ministries which are the Ministry of Agriculture and Economics, Ministry of Citizenship, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defences, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice. There were a total of 17 public servants in April 2023.

His Majesty The King

His Majesty The King is the monarch and ruler of New Finland. They have complete power and control over the New Finland Government and any public and private organisations in the Kingdom of New Finland.

His Majesty's Council

His Majesty's Council consists of two 'gatherings' named the Copenhagen Gathering and the Espoo Gathering. The Copenhagen Gathering has the highest influence towards His Majesty The King, meeting regularly and consisting of 10 of the most senior public servants and advisors to His Majesty. The Espoo Gathering has less influence, consisting of two ambassadors to the Espoo territory.

Law and order

The Ministry of Justice handles law and order in New Finland, having order over the Court of Copenhagen which is where proceedings take place. His Majesty The King is the only individual authorised to make rulings. In the whole of New Finland's history there have only been three convictions out of seven proceedings.


The New Finland Military Forces were formed in 2022 by His Majesty The King. They have fought and won one battle against Espoo rebels which were seeking independence from New Finland.

Foreign relations

New Finland has been secluded from the wider micronational movement. For this reason, it has no relations with any other states.

Unilateral recognition

Administrative regions

The New Finland's first and primary territorial claim is New Copenhagen, which claims the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was claimed as part of the declaration of independence in 2021. In early 2022, His Majesty The King signed the Order of Espoo, which officialised the New Finland's claim of New Espoo, claiming the city of Espoo, Finland. Citizens of New Espoo have complained of not being able to enjoy the same rights as citizens of New Copenhagen.


New Finland's main export is trees, flowers and other plants to Denmark. The Ministry of Agriculture and Economics regularly sells plants from a government owned garden. Internally, citizens trade fruit and vegetables using New Finland's official currency which is the New Finland Dollar. Exports to Denmark are made in Euro.