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The Main Building in New Leeds, the Principality of New Eiffel, was the official residence of all five New Eiffelic residents. Its numerous rooms were used by various businesses for varying purposes throughout the micronation's history. The main building is a mock Tudor semi-detached house built in June 1936. It was purchased by the family of Skye on 10 March 2008, and the Republic of New Finland—the distant predecessor state to New Eiffel—was established on 31 December 2017. It was followed by the Kingdom of New Finland on 4 June 2018 and finally New Eiffel on 11 August. Among the most important businesses in the Main Building were XCUT Therapy, Smith Restaurant, the headquarters of Z&jProductions and the New Eiffel Currency Museum. Additionally, the Surrealist Art Gallery and both editions of Win-a-lot Casino were held at the building.


The Main Building is a mock Tudor semi-detached house built in June 1936. The land had been purchased by T. J. Wilson of T. J. Willson Ltd. on 23 February 1934, but James R. Rhodes handled the planning permissions and architectural design. The first occupants of the house were the Ures, after Henry Ure (then aged roughly 33) and wife Elizabeth Ure (about 27) purchased the property on 21 June 1937 for the sum of £1,075—£81,400 adjusted for inflation as of 2022. By at least 1956, the Joneses—Daniel Jones (1885–1956) and wife Henrietta—were residing at the Main Building. By 1965, the Sharmans were living at the building—Alexander Bates Sharman (1922–2005), a bank clerk, Irene Alina Sharman (died 2021), and their children. The Main Building was finally purchased by the family of Skye on 10 March 2008.


New Eiffel Currency Museum

Founded in September 2018, a numismatic museum of foreign currency—including coins and banknotes—and currency formerly used in the principality and predecessor Kingdom of New Finland. It held every denomination of Łight Net (replaced by the New Eiffelic ping in May 2019) ever produced as well as its early concepts. Located south of the so-called "Council Building," it shared its space with the headquarters of Z&jProductions, and went defunct in August 2019. Z&jProductions later relocated that same month. The museum had a small collection of coins including the Croatian kuna, euro, Hong Kong dollar, Polish złoty, pound sterling, renminbi (Chinese yuan), South African rand and the United States dollar, and banknotes including the Czech koruna, pound sterling, rand and Turkish lira. It had the Mail Code 001-AB.

Smith Restaurant

A restaurant and bar and grill, founded in late 2018. With a size of roughly 15.9 square metres, Smith Restaurant had at least fifteen chairs, and was the only licensed food establishment in the micronation. It specialised in beef burgers, soups, tuna pasta, African cuisine and sold scones—the national dish—to mark public holidays in New Eiffel. Smith Restaurant also had an outdoor seating area on Seat Square, and during summers, would allocate sunloungers onto the square. Smith Restaurant had planned to host Win-a-lot Casino's Win-a-lot Café in March 2020, however said event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the kitchen of Smith Restaurant there was a boarded-up window, known as Historic Window, that was part of the original house. It had the Mail Code 001-AD.

XCUT Therapy

XCUT Therapy

Formerly M. van Bosch Behavioural Therapy Ltd. and later XCU Therapy, a self-employed business registered in the United Kingdom prior to New Eiffel's foundation. It taught cognitive therapy and behavioural optometry, and its building was roughly 18.1 square metres large. It had its own lavatory and parking lot, XCUT Therapy Parking, which was adjacent to the New Eiffel–United Kingdom East Border. To its north was New Leeds Alley, and to its west was a backdoor leading to Worker's Street on Seat Square. It had the Mail Code 001-AA, and its parking the code 001-MN.


The largest film production and distribution company in New Eiffel's film industry, it was formerly headquartered in a room located to the southeast of the Main Building between 11 August 2018 and August 2019. Sharing the room with the New Eiffel Currency Museum, it also had a public museum of props and former film production equipment, the Z&jProductions Museum, located there between late 2018 and early 2019. It had the Mail Code 001-AF.

Other rooms

"Council Building"

The "Council Building" room

The name used by His Royal Mail Service for Zabëlle Skye's bedroom and office. It was also used as the headquarters for the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board between August 2018 and 20 April 2020, after which it formally became the Statistic-Dime and New Eiffel Registry Ministry headquarters until New Eiffel's dissolution. It had the Mail Code 001-AI. The room also housed the Embassy of Plushunia, a miniature cardboard structure ran by plushies, since 5 August 2019. Additionally, the Surrealist Art Gallery and second edition of Win-a-lot Casino were hosted in this room.


Informally New Eiffelic Entrance, the foyer (entryway) into the Main Building. It was richly decorated with art from New Eiffelic artists, and connected to the upstairs of the building. It also lead to the Meeting Room and Smith Restaurant via an extended hallway. It had a window to its north overlooking the entrance into XCUT Therapy and New Leeds Alley near the New Eiffel–United Kingdom North Border. Due to the small space of the hallway, New Leeds Alley was instead used for means of transporting bicycles, waste containers, building materials and machinery into the principality.

Meeting Room

Also known as the New Eiffel Meeting Room, a living room with several sofas and a coffee table. It was used variously for diplomatic discussions, early sessions of parliament and rarely saw recreational use, such as watching films. It was located adjacent to Smith Restaurant to its west, and had a window on its east side overlooking XCUT Therapy Parking. The room had several bookshelves, a television, a decorated chandelier and paintings.


A large closet was located north of the downstairs hallway by the foyer, underneath the stairway. It was used primarily for the storage of miscellaneous items, such as heavy equipment, but also saw occasional use as a cupboard for candy and grain. The building's stairway and upstairs hallway, decorated with paintings and a Christian cross, connected to all upstairs rooms. These rooms included two restrooms; one with only a toilet and one with a toilet, bathtub and cupboard; a utility closet with a washing machine, drier and (formerly) the boiler; and four bedrooms. The grand opening of Win-a-lot Casino was held in one of these bedrooms.

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