Surrealist Art Gallery

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The Surrealist Art Gallery, also known as the Surrealist's Art Gallery, officially the Avant-Garde Surrealist Art Gallery of New Eiffel is a modern art art gallery headquartered in New Leeds, Principality of New Eiffel. Somewhat a central landmark of the city, it is located in the Main Building in the city's central point. Thirteen objects from pre-New Eiffelic history to 2020 are exhibited over an area of approximately 10.3 metres (34 ft).

The gallery is housed in the Main Building, in the same room in-which the pop-up casino Win-a-lot Casino hosted its second annual event. The gallery was opened on 15 January 2020, as a replacement to the long-time struggling Regional Art of New Eiffel Museum. It opened with an exhibition of seven paintings and drawings and six installations, including the 2019 film Soothing Ring of Fire. More objects, including sound art and historical New Eiffelic relics are planning on being added in the near future.


The gallery contains thirteen objects.


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