His Royal Mail Service of New Eiffel

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His Royal Mail Service of New Eiffel (HRMSN)—colloquially known as His Royal Mail or the Royal Mail—was the national package delivery and mail service of the erstwhile Principality of New Eiffel. Established on 25 December 2018, it also purportedly served the bordering Presidential Republic of Livettree, a dormant micronation and former puppet state of the principality. The service designated a postal code, called a Mail Code (MC), to every location in New Eiffel and Livettree capable of receiving mail and packages. However, mail and packages sent to territories outside of mainland New Eiffel would have had to be routed through the United Kingdom's Royal Mail. Due to New Eiffel's small size, the service was never used, and became largely forgotten by late March 2019. On 20 March 2020, the service became the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation, which unsuccessfully attempted to revive the agency. Following New Eiffel's dissolution on 1 November, the service no longer exists.


Foundation and subsequent dormancy

One of two bicycles owned by His Royal Mail

His Royal Mail Service of New Eiffel was established on 25 December 2018 as an agency under the government of New Eiffel. It was created by and named for Zabëlle Skye, then-Prince of the principality. The service's primary intended purpose was for delivering mail from New Leeds in the east, the largest and only populated city of New Eiffel, to the capital Új Repülő located in the west. However, other locations in Plitvice and the territory of Livettree—a puppet state of New Eiffel—were also to be served when needed. In addition, mail and packages sent to territories outside of mainland New Eiffel would have been routed by His Royal Mail through the United Kingdom's Royal Mail. The New Eiffelic service owned two bicycles and it likely assigned the Mail Codes—at this time called ZIP Codes—upon the day of its foundation. According to the Royal Archives, the service was established "at a time when New Eiffel was very much simulationist." Owing to New Eiffel's small size, the service was never used, and became entirely forgotten by late March 2019.

"Phase 2"

The existence of His Royal Mail was uncovered by Skye in early 2020, though he remained hesitant to restore the agency to activity as he was worried about its usefulnesses and practicality. On 20 March, Skye gave the responsibility of the agency to the Ministry of Transportation—of which he was minister—in the hope of attempting to revive the agency. Skye launched "Phase 2" of the service, renaming the ZIP Codes to Mail Codes and making alterations to them, as well proposing to place signage of Mail Codes around New Eiffel in the hope that it would encourage usage of the service. However, citizens were uninterested, and "Phase 2" ultimately did nothing to make the agency active. Skye kept the agency operational incase a letter or package was ever sent, though this never happened. Following New Eiffel's dissolution on 1 November, the service ceased operation.

Mail Codes

Each Mail Code consisted of three numbers followed by a hyphen and a two letters. The numbers indicated the city, while the letters were randomly assigned. New Leeds had the Mail Code 001, Plitvice 002, and Új Repülő 003. In Livettree, Campgreenn had the Mail Code 004, South East Campgreenn 005, Ót 006, High Livettree 007 and Saint Belina—Livettree's capital—008. Listed below are all of the Mail Codes that existed as of "Phase 2". Locations marked with quotations marks indicate that they were designated by His Royal Mail as opposed to being the place's actual names.

Location Located in Code Added in
New Eiffel–United Kingdom East Border New Leeds 001-ES Phase 2
XCUT Therapy Parking New Leeds 001-MN Phase 2
XCUT Therapy New Leeds 001-AA Phase 1
New Eiffel Currency Museum New Leeds 001-AB Phase 2
Surrealist Art Gallery New Leeds 001-AC Phase 2
Smith Restaurant New Leeds 001-AD Phase 1
"Pie Salon" New Leeds 001-AE Phase 1
Z&jProductions Headquarters New Leeds 001-AF Phase 2
"Council Building" / ONERB Headquarters New Leeds 001-AI Phase 1
N.B.R. Bike Parking Plitvice 002-AA Phase 1
New Eiffel Gardens Plitvice 002-AB Phase 1
Plitvice Bomb Shelter Plitvice 002-AC Phase 1
New Finland Monument Plitvice 002-AD Phase 1
New Eiffel School Új Repülő 003-AT Phase 1
Jimbo's Gym Új Repülő 003-FO Phase 1
Shed, !khās Street Új Repülő 003-AB Phase 1
New Eiffel–United Kingdom West Border Új Repülő 003-KZ Phase 1
"Campgreenn Clearing" Campgreenn 004-AA Phase 2
"Saint Belina Forest" Campgreenn 004-AB Phase 2
"St. Mellitus Clearing" SE Campgreenn 005-AA Phase 2
"Bleu Forêt" High Livettree 007-AA Phase 2
"Chainfree Fence" High Livettree 007-AB Phase 2
"LP Forest" Saint Belina 008-AA Phase 2
"Saint Belina Area" Saint Belina 008-AB Phase 2
"Son Arbre Précieux" Saint Belina 008-AC Phase 2
"Saint Belina Garden" Saint Belina 008-AD Phase 2
"Her Pond" Saint Belina 008-AE Phase 2
"Elm Garbage Centre" Saint Belina 008-AF Phase 2
"PRL-UK National Border" Saint Belina 008-AG Phase 2

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