His Royal Mail Service of New Eiffel

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His Royal Mail Service of New Eiffel (HRMSNE), also known as His Royal Mail or the Royal Mail, is a package delivery and mail service serving the small European micronation New Eiffel and the Presidential Republic of Livettree.

The service was established on Christmas Day 2018, and was named after the current prince of New Eiffel, Zabëlle I. The service when established gave a Mail Code (MC), formerly known by the American name ZIP Code, to every geographic location in New Eiffel which was capable of receiving mail (though many have never been sent any). This included all territories, and was not just restricted to the mainland, however mail would have to be routed through the United Kingdom or another macronation respectively.

New Leeds has the Mail Code 001, Plitvice 002, and Új Repülő 003. In Livettree, Campgreenn has the Mail Code 004, South East Campgreenn 005, Ót 006, High Livettree 007 and Saint Belina 008. Each Mail Code is styled as the first three numbers of the city, followed by a hyphen (-) and two letters. Up until 20 March 2020, some Mail Codes had an added hyphen and letters, however these were not common. An example of a Mail Code is New Eiffel School, Új Repülő, which has the Mail Code 003-AT.

Given New Eiffel's relatively small size, the service is infrequently used.

Mail Codes

Listed below is a full list of every Mail Code in use:

Location Located in Code Added in
New Eiffelic South-East Border New Leeds 001-ES Phase 2
XCU Therapy Parking New Leeds 001-MN Phase 2
XCU Therapy New Leeds 001-AA Phase 1
New Eiffel Currency Museum New Leeds 001-AB Phase 2
Surrealist Art Gallery New Leeds 001-AC Phase 2
Smith Restaurant New Leeds 001-AD Phase 1
Pie Salon New Leeds 001-AE Phase 1
Z&jProductions Headquarters New Leeds 001-AF Phase 2
Council Building / ONERB Headquarters New Leeds 001-AI Phase 1
N.B.R. Bike Parking Plitvice 002-AA Phase 1
New Eiffel Gardens Plitvice 002-AB Phase 1
39, 41 Bomb Shelter Plitvice 002-AC Phase 1
New Finland Monument Plitvice 002-AD Phase 1
New Eiffel School Új Repülő 003-AT Phase 1
Jimbo's Gym Új Repülő 003-FO Phase 1
Shed, !khās Street Új Repülő 003-AB Phase 1
New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border Új Repülő 003-KZ Phase 1
Campgreenn Clearing Campgreenn 004-AA Phase 2
Saint Belina Forest Campgreenn 004-AB Phase 2
St. Mellitus Clearing SE Campgreenn 005-AA Phase 2
Bleu Forêt High Livettree 007-AA Phase 2
Chainfree Fence High Livettree 007-AB Phase 2
LP Forest Saint Belina 008-AA Phase 2
Saint Belina Area Saint Belina 008-AB Phase 2
Son Arbre Précieux Saint Belina 008-AC Phase 2
Saint Belina Garden Saint Belina 008-AD Phase 2
Her Pond Saint Belina 008-AE Phase 2
Elm Garbage Centre Saint Belina 008-AF Phase 2
PRL-UK National Border Saint Belina 008-AG Phase 2

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