New Eiffel–United Kingdom South Border

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New Eiffel-United Kingdom North Border
The border through the Rugbull Field in October 2018
Length68.2 metres (224 feet)
Established4 January 2018

Claimed by the Republic of New Finland
Current shape8 May 2019

Territorial change
Disestablished1 November 2020

Dissolution of New Eiffel

The New Eiffel–United Kingdom South Border was the south border of four international borders based on the four cardinal directions (points of the compass) between the Principality of New Eiffel and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in which New Eiffel was completely enclaved. It was about 68.2 metres (224 feet) long. Just like the North Border, the South Border consisted of a border fence (barrier) for almost its entire length, with no border crossings. This was due to it being adjacent to private property on the British side. The border fronted all three cities of New Eiffel—New Leeds, Plitvice and the capital Új Repülő (east to west).


A description of the course of the border in New Eiffel, from east to west: the border, running almost completely straight, began in New Leeds at a corner with the New Eiffel–United Kingdom East Border. The border fence fronting XCUT Therapy Parking, a parking lot of the eponymous business, was a large hedgerow consisting of bushes and a number of trees for about 10.1 metres (33 feet), reaching a semi-detached house with the Main Building. The border then continued through a wall between the two houses for some 9.7 metres (31 feet), through the Meeting Room, Smith Restaurant (downstairs), the erstwhile New Eiffel Currency Museum and erstwhile headquarters of Z&jProductions, and a private bedroom (upstairs), after which the Main Building ended.

The private residence on the British side continued fronting half of Smith Restaurant on Seat Square for an additional 5.3 metres (17 feet), before the border turned into a wooden fence that resumed for the remainder of the border. Next, it was fronted by N.B.R. Bike Parking on the Rugbull Field in Plitvice for some 10.8 metres (35 feet), followed by the J25 road for a brief 6 metres (19 feet) before going through the Plitvice Bomb Shelter—with the wooden fence built over it. The J16 followed the border throughout this length. It was then fronted by Dead Tree Lane's Dead Tree Street in the undesignated area of Dead Tree in Új Repülő, followed by Unnamed Circle and finally South Alley between a privately-owned shed fronting ǃkhās Street. The border then ended at a corner with the New Eiffel–United Kingdom West Border.


The border had been the south border of the micronation and all of its predecessor states since the Republic of New Finland first claimed the area on 4 January 2018, through the Kingdom of New Finland on 4 June and finally New Eiffel on 11 August 2018. The borer was redefined in a minor territorial change on 8 May 2019. Throughout its entire existence, the border had no border crossings, due to it being adjacent to private property on the British side. New Eiffel later dissolved on 1 November 2020, and thus the border was dissolved as well.

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