Vehicle registration plates of New Eiffel

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An example of a New Eiffelic registration plate.

In New Eiffel, vehicle registration plates (commonly known as "number plates", "plates" or "katrein"[a] or "Numbroб"[b]) are the visual indications of motor vehicle and bike registration. The registration plates have been required for each vehicle and bike since 23 April 2019 to display on most motor vehicles and bikes used on public roads in New Eiffel.

New Eiffel uses the international vehicle registration code 'NWE', which was adopted on 27 February 2020.

Registration plate numbers

Each registration plate consists of seveb numbers, in the pattern order of (teo digit city/state number)-(two digit vehicle number)-(three digit year). The first two digits indicate the city/state the vehicle or bike is registered in, the second two digits indicate the vehicle number, and the last three digits indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, for example, if it was in 2019, it would be 019. An example number would be 02-10-018

City/state numbers

New Leeds - 01
Plitvice - 02
Új Repülő - 03

Public vehicle registration plates index

The public vehicle registration plates index is a public index of registered vehicles in New Eiffel, created and maintained by the government.

Plate Vehicle

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