Arabtemporarian language

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Spoken inNew Eiffel and The Presidential Republic of Livettree
  • Germanic
    • Early Arabtemporarian
      • Arabtemporarian

Arabtemporarian also known by many other names (Including Arabtemporaryian, Arabatemporarian, and Arabtemporaren; abbreviation: ARA or AR), is a constructed language which is the official language of New Eiffel and a minority language in the Presidential Republic of Livettree. Arabtemporarian was created on 19 September 2018.


The language was created on September 2018 by Prince Zabëlle I after being inspired by other constructed languages, such as Esperanto and other fictional languages for Game of Thrones and Star Trek.


Arabtemporarian uses the Latin Alphabet (Arabtemporarian). There are 35 letters in the Arabtemporarian alphabet. There are an estimated 205 - 230 words.

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