Public holidays in New Eiffel

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This is a list of public holidays in the New Eiffel. As of 14 December 2018 there are eighteen fixed public holidays.

Fixed Public Holidays

Date Name Remarks Origin
January 1 New Year’s Day Celebrating the new year of the Gregorian Calendar. Christianity
Various Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday Celebrated by eating pancakes. Christianity
Various Mother’s Day Celebrating moms for providing for they’re children, and family. United States Holiday
Various Easter Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Christianity
Various Good Friday Commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Christianity
May 28 Movie Day Celebrated by watching movies all day. Typically 5 or more. New Eiffel Holiday
Various Father’s Day Celebrating dads for they’re hard work in providing for they’re families. British Holiday
July 3 Cat's Day A day to celebrate the significance of cats. New Eiffel Holiday
August 11 New Eiffel Unity Day Celebrating the reunification of New Eiffel. New Eiffel Holiday
August 28 Dog's Day Celebrated by treating your pet dog. New Eiffel Holiday
Various Firework’s Day Celebrated by watching or setting off fireworks. Inspired by Guy Fawkes Day Heavily British Influenced
October 5 Workplace Day / Job Day A holiday to celebrate all of the hard work put in by anyone with a job. New Eiffel Holiday
October 31 Free Sweets Day / Halloween / Candy Day Celebrated by either, trick or treating, buying then eating candy, or visiting graveyards of loved ones and praying and giving flowers. Mexican Day of the Dead Influenced
November 18 Celebrations Day A day to celebrate and enjoy life. New Eiffel Holiday
December 24 Christmas Eve Day before Christmas. Some people in New Eiffel also open they’re Christmas presents on this day. Christianity
December 25 Christmas Day Celebrating the birth of Jesus, and coming together as a big family in a peaceful union. Christianity
December 31 New Year’s Eve The day before New Year’s Day. Gregorian Calendar

Unofficial public holidays

Date Name Remarks
14 February Valentine’s Day
17 February National Random Acts of Kindness Day
Various Ash Wednesday
19 March Day Before Winter
22 March World Water Day
9 April Cardboard Day
1 May Extrovert Day
1 June Gamers' Day
17 July World Emoji Day
16 August Mental Illness Awareness Day
19 August National Potato Day
29 August Ambivert Day
6 September Women's Day
13 September Men's Day
10 October Eat a Hotdog Day Celebrated by consuming hotdogs.
23 November Introvert Day
2 December National Art Day
27 December Second National Potato Day
31 December Independence Day

Regional holidays


Date Name Remarks
Regional Park Day 18 July

Új Repülő

Date Name Remarks
Anti-Alcohol Day April 12
Új Repülő Day June 1