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Office of the New Eiffel Registry Ministry in the Main Building, New Leeds

The New Eiffel Registry Ministry (NERM)—also known as the Ministry of Registry for consistency with other departments—was a government department responsible for registering and documenting culturally or historically significant structures and natural plant-life of importance in the Principality of New Eiffel, as well as legally preserving and protecting them. The NERM had three designations ranked in order of significance, ranging from Grade 1—the least significant—to Grade 3—the most significant. Founded in August 2018 by the government as a ministerial department, the NERM had registered six structures by New Eiffel's dissolution on 1 November 2020. Two more structures were planned to be registered prior to the micronation's dissolution. Zabëlle Skye was head of the department throughout its entire existence.

Ultimately, little is known about the origins of the NERM. According to the Royal Archives—an organisation which archives items related to New Eiffel's history—the department is one of their most obscure entries. Its foundation may have been inspired by the National Heritage List for England which serves the same purpose. After it was founded in August 2018, it was soon forgotten and would not be rediscovered until about August 2019. The reasons for designations were added in February and March 2020; previously, only the structures themselves were listed. In mid-2020, two more structures were chosen to be designated later in the year.

Of the six registered structures, two were buildings—New Eiffel School and the ruins of Plitvice Bomb Shelter—and one each was a garden, New Eiffel Gardens; a border, the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border; a tree, New Finland Monument; and a pop-up business, the Surrealist Art Gallery. The cycle road, the New Eiffel Main Route 1, and pop-up casino Win-a-lot Casino were both planned to be designated in late 2020 until the principality's dissolution. Reasons for designation vary; two were designated for "historical significance;" two for "importance;" and one each for "natural beauty" and "cultural or artistic importance." Skye hoped that the designations of the NERM would help to improve the public reputation towards each of the designated structure's significance.


Nearly all structures were designated in August 2018, whilst the Surrealist Art Gallery was designated on 19 July 2020.

Name City Reason Grade Built Image
Plitvice Bomb Shelter Plitvice "Historical significance." A derelict air-raid shelter built in the United Kingdom during World War II, likely in 1940 or 1941. Constructed out of concrete bricks, it stands at 6 metres (19.8 ft) tall and stretches 2 metres (6.6 ft) beneath the ground, having the capacity for two bunk beds. There are two entrances to the shelter and an air vent at the top. 3 1940–1941
New Eiffel School Új Repülő "Importance." The only school in the micronation—a nonprofit independent school located on ǃkhās Street. The school taught ten subjects to students aged between 7 and 18. It was associated with the Church of New Eiffel, and the school shared a semi-detached building with Storage for You! and later Jimbo's Gym. 2 9 July 2017
New Finland Monument Új Repülő
"Historical significance." An apple tree (Malus domestica) of special significance, it was formerly the national monument of both of New Eiffel's predecessors—the Republic and later Kingdom of New Finland. It was the tallest tree in the micronation. 2 1970–1980
New Eiffel Gardens Plitvice
New Leeds
"Natural beauty." A small but long garden, spanning a distance of 22 metres (72 feet) for a total area of 18.5 square metres (199 square feet). Predating New Eiffel, the garden had various potted plants, public art installations and public benches throughout its existence, alongside being used for agriculture. 1 20 March 1946
Back Border Új Repülő "Importance." About 9.7 metres (32 feet) long, the border was the most fortified in the micronation—a metal fence with sharp spikes and anti-climb paint. Though, it was one of only two borders—the other being the East Border—to have a border crossing. 1 February 2019
Surrealist Art Gallery None[a] "Cultural or artistic importance." An annual pop-up art gallery which exhibited paintings, installation art and the 2019 New Eiffelic film Soothing Ring of Fire. It replaced the struggling Regional Art of New Eiffel Museum. 1 15 January 2020


Two additional structures were planned to be designated in late 2020, prior to the micronation's dissolution on 1 November 2020. Their planned grades were unknown.

Name City Reason Built or conceived Image
New Eiffel Main Route 1 Új Repülő
"Importance." The principal cycle road in New Eiffel, the longest, most traversed and only fully-paved road in the micronation. It is 42.8-metres (140 ft) long. 15 January–20 March 1946
Win-a-lot Casino None[a] "Cultural or artistic importance." A pop-up casino hosting multiple card games and slot machines, known for its satirical advertising campaigns. 10 November 2018

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