Jimbo's Gym

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Jimbo's Gym is a health club fitness centre located on !khās Street in Új Repülő, which offers strength training, weight training and also fitness sports, such as boxing, cycling and rugbull sports.

The centre is semidetached with New Eiffel School, and has the Mail Code 003-FO (formerly 003-AA).


The building was formerly owned by self-storage company Storage for You!. In late April 2019, Louis and Zarel Smith revealed plans to turn the building into a fitness centre, originally under the name "New Eiffel Gym". The plan was finalised on 5 May. Some of the storage was moved out of the building throughout March 2020, and the fitness equipment was finally moved in on 22 August 2020, when the name "Jimbo's Gym" was chosen. Jimbo's Gym opened on 24 August 2020.