Coat of arms of New Eiffel

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Coat of arms of New Eiffel
Royal coat of arms of New Eiffel.svg
Adopted4 March 2019
Motto"Aspire to inspire, before we expire"
UseGovernment buildings, proposed national passport, Acts of Parliament, commissions and treaties

The national coat of arms of New Eiffel is the heraldic symbol representing the small European micronation of New Eiffel. It was adopted on 4 March 2019. The committee that created it, the Society of Arms, was headed by Grand Marshal Abrams I, who had created it after being commissioned by the prince of New Eiffel a day prior.

At the top of the emblem is a golden crown on top of a knight helmet. (representing the monarchy of New Eiffel). At the centre of the emblem is a half-white half-green shield bearing a yellow circle (meant to be the sun) and Jesus Christ (representing Christianity, the most prominent religion in New Eiffel), supported by two foxes (representing the national animal of New Eiffel); below them is a green Latin Cross, below that is a grey ribbon in front of a bush inscribed with black text in English, which reads "Aspire to inspire, before we expire", the national motto.

While the use of the coat of arms is restricted to the government, the symbol enjoys wide use on state decorations and official treaties, and appears on the cover of the proposed national passport.


The Society of Arms, headed by Grand Marshal Abrams I created the Coat of Arms on 3 March 2019 using the program Inkscape. It was then decided that the public would vote on the coat of arms. It was officially adopted on 4 March of the same year.

On April 2019, it was officially announced that the coat of arms would be printed on the new national passports for New Eiffel.

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