Vandalism in New Eiffel

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Graffiti in Dead Tree, Új Repülő

Vandalism in the Principality of New Eiffel was generally rare, although littering was a noted problem during the 2010s. The intentional destruction of private property was incredibly rare, although graffiti occasionally occurred in New Eiffel School in the capital Új Repülő and the Main Building in New Leeds. Littering was most severe in Plitvice Bomb Shelter and on the Rugbull Field in Plitvice; in the latter, citizens getting injured when accidentally stepping on littered pieces of broken plastic was not uncommon.

Property damage

The destruction of private property was incredibly rare. Nevertheless, New Eiffel School's front right window was broken when a brick was thrown at it by an angered citizen. The damage amounted to ℕ227,000 New Eiffelic ping (£227). Graffiti—done with spray cans, markers and sometimes paint—was slightly more common, especially in the Main Building in New Leeds. The playground of New Eiffel School in Új Repülő was also occasionally vandalised with graffiti.

On 12 July 2018, Janus Smith burned all of his Łight Net banknotes in protest against the proposed vehicle registration plating and ID system for bicycles in the Kingdom of New Finland, the predecessor state to the principality. He was fined the equivalent of ℕ20,000 (£20) by the supreme court, which he did not pay. His fine was later dismissed on the grounds that burning currency was not explicitly illegal in New Finland.


Littering—particularly of wrappers, broken pieces of plastic and paper—was a reoccurring problem within New Eiffel during the 2010s. The Rugbull Field in Plitvice was most effected by this; citizens getting injured when accidentally stepping on pieces of plastic was not uncommon. Additionally, in order for games of Rugbull to be played on the field, it would have to be thoroughly cleaned. Littering in Plitvice greatly decreased by mid-2019, although New Eiffel Gardens briefly experienced an increase in littering during July 2020. XCUT Therapy Parking in New Leeds was also occasionally littered with plastic bags and glass bottles; capital Új Repülő with plastic bottles. Fly tipping also occurred in Új Repülő, especially on Unnamed Circle. The roundabout was briefly obstructed by scrap from a broken piano between November 2019 and early January 2020. Serious littering regularly occurred in the grade 2-listed Plitvice Bomb Shelter. The first government plan to clean the shelter was formulated on 20 May 2019, which commenced on 12 January 2020 under Janus Smith.

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