New Eiffel School

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New Eiffel School
Logo used by New Eiffel School
ActiveFebruary 2018–1 November 2020
AffiliationChurch of New Eiffel
Head MistressMaria van Bosch
Academic staff

New Eiffel School was a nonprofit independent school located on ǃkhās Street, an important street in the city of Új Repülő, capital of the erstwhile Principality of New Eiffel. The only school in the principality, it provided free education for individuals aged between 7 and 18. It was associated with the Church of New Eiffel, and taught ten subjects. At its peak, New Eiffel School employed two teachers and had three students. New Eiffel School, which shared a semi-detached building with Storage for You! and later Jimbo's Gym, was constructed between mid-June 2016 and July 2017. It was formally declared a New Eiffelic school in February 2018, and in August that same year was registered as a Grade 2-listed building by the New Eiffel Registry Ministry for its "importance." The headmistress was Maria van Bosch.

Location and building description

East side of the school in March 2019

New Eiffel School was located on ǃkhās Street, an important street in the city of Új Repülő, capital of the erstwhile Principality of New Eiffel. The school was adjacent to the New Eiffel–United Kingdom North Border, separated by a small space which formed the erstwhile Walkway Alley. New Eiffel School's patio, which has seating and a fire pit, was the entrance to the former alley. The school possessed the Mail Code 003-AT.

The building itself, 23 square metres in size, is semi-detached with a room which was last owned by the fitness centre Jimbo's Gym. It has four windows—two on its south side (bottom) and two on its east side (right)—and a single door, which can be opened to form a sliding door twice as large. The building, painted grey with orange frames, is insulated and electrified. In particularly cold winters, an electric heater can be used to provide warmth; likewise in warm summers, a cooling fan can be used instead.

The school had a playground which had a sandbox, treehouse, monkey bars and swing. The playground was located just southeast of New Eiffel School, surrounded by roads on all sides—the New Eiffel Main Route 1's Gæ Pis Street to the north, Prince Zabëlle I Road fronting New Finland Monument to the east, Dead Tree Lane's Dead Tree Street to the south, and the aforementioned road's Northwest Street and Main Route 1's Új Repülő Street—both intersecting with ǃkhās Street at Triple Junction—to the west.


Micronational status

As of 2023, the building is located in England, in the United Kingdom. The Republic of New Finland—distant predecessor to the Principality of New Eiffel—was established on 31 December 2017, and laid claim to the territory including New Eiffel School on 4 January 2018. It was succeeded by the Kingdom of New Finland on 4 June, and finally by New Eiffel on 11 August. New Eiffel dissolved on 1 November 2020 following an almost year-long crisis. Between 12 January and 9 September 2021, New Eiffel School briefly became located in the state of New Eiffel under the Grand Duchy of Australis, though its status as a designated school was not formally upheld.

Construction and operation

Construction between 23–26 April 2017

Plans for a building to fill the need for a personal office and place of education had existed since as late as 2015. The Main Building did not posses enough space to facilitate these materials. Preparations for construction ultimately began in early to mid-June 2016, which consisted mostly of levelling the site and removing weeds. Concrete slabs were added by 29 August to serve as the foundation, followed by the addition of the 𝗜–beams by 22 December. Construction of the building itself began on 25 April 2017, with the addition of the frames of the foundation floor, walls and the roof. The windows were installed on 28 April.

Throughout May, the building was electrified and the flooring was finished, with the insulation for the roof added on 5 June and painted on 25 June. On 1 July, construction began on the patio and fire pit, and completed after 2 July. By 9 July, furniture had began to be moved in, and the building was fully furnished by at least August. By 29 October, New Eiffel School was fully painted, however the patio would not be fully completed until early 2018. By February 2018, the building had become highly regarded as the only school in New Finland. In August, the New Eiffel Registry Ministry registered New Eiffel School as a Grade 2-listed building for its "importance."

On 5 May 2019, Storage for You! sold the semi-detached room to Jimbo's Gym, which later opened on 24 August 2020. The school was temporarily closed between 13 March and 15 April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was reopened following the minimal threat that COVID-19 imposed upon citizens within New Eiffel's borders.

Teaching and subjects

The only school in New Eiffel, it provided free education for individuals aged between 7 and 18. At its peak, New Eiffel School employed two teachers and had three students. The headmistress was Maria van Bosch. The school taught ten subjects—Afrikaans language and grammar, art, Christian religious studies, computer coding, English language and grammar, geography, history, human biology, mathematics, and politics and governance. New Eiffel School was affiliated with the Church of New Eiffel. For a brief period in early 2019, the school had also taught rugbull.

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