Flag of New Eiffel

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Flag of New Eiffel

The flag of New Eiffel was the official national flag of the Principality of New Eiffel from its foundation on 11 August 2018 until its dissolution on 1 November 2020; it is presently the official flag of the Australissian state of New Eiffel, and has been since its incorporation into a state on 12 February 2021. The design has polarised public opinions; receiving praise for its simplicity yet uniqueness, but criticism over its lack of symbolism and perceived poor choice of colours.


Colours Red Blue Yellow
Hex triplet #c6132d #00335b #fdd116

Flag variants

National flags

Flag Use Description Status
State flag of New Eiffel.png State flag In use
War flag of New Eiffel.png Former war flag Not in use
New Eiffel flag ribbon.jpeg Ribbon Not in use
Flag of New Eiffel with white star in corner.jpeg Variation In use
New Eiffel flag variation 1.jpeg Variation Not in use


Royal standard