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MicroProject Principality of New Eiffel
and its predecessors—the Republic and Kingdom of New Finland

MicroProject New Eiffel is dedicated to copyediting and improving the coverage of the erstwhile Principality of New Eiffel on MicroWiki. It was succeeded by the Republic of New Finland on 31 December 2017; the Kingdom of New Finland on 4 June 2018, after which the principality was established and the micronation was briefly renamed to New Temporary on 11 August before becoming New Eiffel on 30 August. New Eiffel dissolved on 1 November 2020 following the crisis in New Eiffel, which began on 14 December 2019.

This MicroProject was formally founded on 27 April 2023. Its sister project is MicroProject Transportation in New Eiffel, which is dedicated solely to transportation in the micronation. It was informally established on 22 January 2020 and converted into a formalised MicroProject on 26 September 2022.


  • Follow MicroWiki's Manual of Style (MOS);
  • Do not edit war—resolve editor disputes on the relevant article talk page without undoing another user's edits;
  • Use British English spelling for consistency;
  • Use the Wikipedia citation style for consistency;
  • Wikilink a subject only twice—once in the lead (if applicable) and in the body of an article;
  • Always write out Principality of New Eiffel in full when first mentioned in the lead, and shorten thereafter, including in the body;
  • When referring to either the Republic or Kingdom of New Finland, note within the text of an article that they are predecessor states to New Eiffel to avoid reader confusion.

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