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Radio, video and television

New Eiffel Broadcasting (NEB) was planned to be the principal state-owned broadcasting station in New Eiffel, and New Eiffel National Radio (NENR) was the state-owned radio station. However, neither stations ever became operational. Instead, citizens relied internally on digital radio and music playlists hosted on Apple Music—Despacito Radio (2018–19), Happy Songs (2018), Old Town Raodio (2019–20) and the Top 100: New Eiffel (2020). In any case, the most popular radio and television stations were broadcast from the United Kingdom, especially Absolute Radio; and the television stations BBC One and ITV1. There were two television sets in the principality—a satellite television in New Leeds and digital television in Új Repülő. Streaming services, such as Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and later Netflix and Disney+, were preferred over television. Additionally, on 2 May 2019, Skye announced that he would be starting a podcast about micronationalism entitled A Prince Getting Sidetracked a Lot. However, this podcast was eventually cancelled indefinitely.

StreamEiffel was a planned free, over-the-top (OTT) streaming service for New Eiffelic short films which would have operated by linking the user to third-party links (such as YouTube and the Internet Archive) through the web page-creation tool Google Sites. The project was a venture by Zed on behalf of Z&jProductions, the largest film production studio in the erstwhile New Eiffel. A New Eiffelic video streaming service had been in consideration since late 2019, but Skye only began seriously working on the project in late June 2020; production for StreamEiffel formally began on 27 July, originally under the name Zstream. It experienced several technical setbacks, however, and would later be abandoned on 13 August.




Video gaming