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The Principality of New Eiffel was a unitary state governed within the framework of a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy under a transitional government in which the monarch, the last being Prince Janus, was the head of state while the First Minister, the last being Christina Nowell, was he head of government serving an interim term. Executive power is exercised by the transitional government, the First Minister has the most authority, ministers are appointed and dismissed by the First Minister, created by the Transitional Legislature to execute legislation; the monarch holds a non-voting seat, albeit with veto powers. The current leadership operates five interim institutions; the Transitional Executive, the Transitional Court, Transitional Citizen's Forum, and the Transitional Council for Electoral Reform.

New Eiffel had a multi-party political system; democracy was implemented with the first 2018 General Election. In the nation's lifespan, it had seen two general elections (one in 2018 and one in 2019) - history regarding them is considered complex due to the huge amount of parties that used to exist, a scenario which spawned a political reform that allowed parties to exist even without needing a seat in parliament - there have been any consistent dominant parties either. 20 unique parties had been created since 2018. Under the current Transitional Govemment, only 5 parties (1 not registered) exist today.


  • New Eiffel was founded as the Republic of New Finland on 31 December 2017.
  • New Eiffel Civil War takes place, not much information is recorded of this conflict.
  • The Kingdom of New Finland is founded in return for the Minister of War having to keep peace.
  • The King willingly stepped down after heavy backlash from the population and the media from disobeying laws, use of loopholes and false allegation to steal property. The Kingdom fell into anarchy.
  • The Principality of New Temporary succeeds the former government.
  • New Temporary was later renamed to New Eiffel on 30 August 2018 August after the population voted in favour of a new name.
  • The first general election ended on 25 December 2018, Maria van Bosch from the Orange Party (defunct) wins a majority and becomes the new prime minister.
  • Acts of the New Eiffelic Parliament started being officially recorded on 3 September 2019.
  • The second general election ended on 25 December 2018, Janus Smith from the New Eiffelic Party and coalition of Individualism wins a majority and becomes the new prime minister.
  • Janus Smith was removed from his position through a motion of no confidence on 20 April 2020, making the Shadow Cabinet's Christina Nowell the interim Prime Minister.
  • A motion is put in place to "temporarily make Zabëlle absolute monarch until a PM is elected." on 30 April 2020
  • The Document forming the Transitional Government of New Eiffel replaces the Absolute Monarchy on 1 May 2020, Leon Montan declaring "The current system of the absolute monarchy will end at 9:00 AM British Time, and be replaced with the Transitional Government." [sic]
  • First use of the rank of 'First Minister,' this term is interchangeable with Prime Minister, however.

Political Parties

Since the introduction of democracy to New Eiffel, there have been 2 elections. No elections have yet seen a dominant party except for one term. The Orange Party and Socialist Scandinavian Party (both defunct) were the dominant parties in 2018, The Yellow Party (defunct) and The Coalition were the dominant parties in 2019. Under 2020's Transitional Government, there are currently 5 existing parties (1 not registered) all of which succeeding or branching from 2019's parties.

Labour Party

The Labour Party has its origins in New Eiffel's Communist Party, a far-left Marxist Party; a merger of the former Communism Party of New Eiffel and Red Party, it merged into The Coalition with the New Eiffel Anti-Individualist Alliance and Libertarian Party to oppose the Yellow Party but failed to do so. On the 29th April 2020, former members withdrew from the merger, founding their own party. Today, the Labour Party is a Social Democrat Political Party with 4 members; it's currently run by Leon Montan.

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is a left-wing (originally centre) Libertarian Political Party, a reincarnation of the former centre-wing Libertarian Party - one of the three parties to merge into the coalition; merging with the Communist Party and the New Eiffelic Anti-Individualist Alliance to oppose the Yellow Party's Anarcho-capitalism ideals. After the Yellow Party dissolved due to the impeachment of Janus Smith, the Libertarian Party found no use in being part of The Coalition; former members left and reformed the party on 4 May 2020. It is currently run by King Corvin I.

Right Hand

The Right Hand is a right to far-right incarnation of the New Eiffelic Right Hand. It claims to be right-wing, rooted in Fascist ideas and is Conservatist, it claims to be devoutly anti-socialist and anti-communist, it re registered its party on 2 May 2020. It is currently run by Manuel M. I°.

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