Unnamed Circle

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Unnamed Circle was a raindrop roundabout located in Új Repülő, in the erstwhile New Eiffel. Northbound, Dead Tree Lane and the NEMR 1 lead into the roundabout, which lead back into the NEMR 1. The roundabout had been used for easier access to !khās Street, heading from Dead Tree Lane, and to avoid oncoming traffic from the NEMR 1.

The roundabout was unintentionally formed after bikes repeatedly rode over the area, creating a dirt roundabout pathway. Originally nicknamed Unnamed Circle, the name became its de facto designation, also being used—albeit in an unofficial capacity—by the New Eiffel Roads Index, which is maintained by the Minister of Transportation. The roundabout had also been alternatively named Randouler Circle—in honour of the late Nicholas Randouler—and Dead Tree Circle—after the surrounding Dead Tree Lane—both of which are name changes which had been proposed, but never came through.

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