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J25 road marker.jpeg
The J25 road marker
General information
Maintained by MOT
Length6 metres (19 ft)
Nation New Eiffel
List of roads in New Eiffel

The J25 Road, commonly known as the J25 is a short, roughly 6-metre (19 ft) long state highway located in Plitvice. It is a dirt road, and was constructed as a diversion to the J16 after an area of the roadway flooded near 39, 41 Bomb Shelter, and turned into a muddy hole. The J25 was constructed primarily by jOOST Smith, as well as various others – turning a dirt pile into a flat and rideable surface. The J25 is no longer needed, however still commonly used.[1] Randouler Street is on the route.

Sometime May 2019, after the roadway had began slowly crumbling, the roadway was expanded with more dirt being added – nearly doubling in size. The road marker was also painted. The J25 was levelled between 19 January—25 January 2020. Randouler Street was officially designated as La-la-lee Street on the route on 10 March 2020, being proclaimed by the Minister of Transportation.[2] It was later renamed to Randouler Street on 13 June 2020, in honour of the micronationalist Nicholas Randouler who passed away on 3 June 2020.


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