International vehicle registration code

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The international vehicle registration code (sometimes called the International Circulation Mark) is unique to each nation. This is a list of micronational vehicle registration codes. Chech here if the code you want to use accually is already in use: [1]

Micronation Vehicle registration code Date adopted Car sticker (if available) License plate Driving side
Aleutian Islands .jpeg Aleutian Islands ALU 19 March 2020 Aleutian Islands.jpg
Belcity BLC 19 January 2020 Belcity.png Targa.png Right
Estuaria CZ / EA CZ IVRC.svg / EA IVRC.svg Estuarian license plate.svg / Czech license plate.svg Right
SunRepublic.png The Sun Republic DUKR 5 Janurary 2011 DDMVExample.jpg Liscence plates are not required. Right
Goldenstein GOL 31 May 2018 Golsteinsticker.jpeg Regestreringsskylt Goldensteinny.png Right
Rabenberg Flag.svg Grand Duchy of Rabenberg
GRB (Rb on license plate) 2 April 2020 License plate of Rabenberg.jpg
Principality of Ledilia LED-(City/Region name) 5 September 2019 Ledcarroundel.PNG
Maldico MM 14 December 2019 Maldico.png
New Eiffel NWE 27 February 2020 NWE car sticker.png New Eiffel number plate.jpeg Left
Gymnasium State SGYM 31 May 2018 Sgym.png
Flag scoria.png Republic of Scoria RSC 3. March 2018 Rsc.png Numberplate rsc.png Left
Samizdat SMZ 4 August 2019 SMZcode.png SMZ.jpg
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg Templar Kingdom TK 21-XI-2019 Vehicle code.jpg Licence.jpg Left
Natlin UPN 2 December 2018 Upnivrc.png Right
Wegmat WEG-(Province) 4 April 2019 WegLP.jpeg
Snagov national flag.jpg Federated States of Snagov Each state has its own 2 July 2020 FSSCAR.png FSSLICENSEPLATE.png Right