Smith Restaurant

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Smith Restaurant is a restaurant located in New Eiffel. Smith Restaurant was founded on 2007, and was formerly located in the United Kingdom. Smith Restaurant is considered one of the best companies in New Eiffel, it is also the only still-active restaurant in New Eiffel.

According to Statistic-Fire, Smith Restaurant is the second oldest company inside of New Eiffel.

Smith Restaurant
Restaurant, Bar-and-grill
HeadquartersNew Eiffel Flag.jpeg New Eiffel, New Leeds,
Main Building, 001-AA
Area served
New Eiffel, United Kingdom
£ 4,060
Number of employees


Outside seating area of Smith Restaurant

Smith Restaurant was founded sometime in 2007, this was before New Eiffel was founded.

After New Eiffel was established, Smith Restaurant quickly became one of the top companies in New Eiffel, and still is. The government also funded Smith Restaurant £500.