Empire of Iustus

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Empire of Iustus
Flag of Iustus.svg
800px-Iustus CoA.png
Coat of arms

populi aequitas, intelligentia,
Iustian and free
Capital cityCurtis City
Largest cityCurtis City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy
- MonarchAustin I
- Prime MinisterLord Andrew
LegislatureParliament of Iustus
Established15 February 2018
CurrencyIustian dollar
National animalDomesticated Cat
Full member of the Grand Unified Micronational

Official Website

The Empire of Iustus is a self-declared independent state (micronation), with claims extending between Canada, Finland, United States, and Hong Kong. The current capital of Iustus is Curtis City, with a national population of 108 citizens. Iustus is an active Full Member of The Grand Unified Micronational and a member of the Micronational Olympic Federation, Iustus is classified as an 8/12 world nation under Boodlesmythe-Tallini classification system, a 4.2 on Dresner's system of classification, and has a score of 4.00 on Matthews Democracy Index.


Pre-Iustian History

Before the Empire of Iustus came about, the mainland of Iustus was controlled by The Kingdom of Ongwanada. Ongwanda was a de jure constitutional monarchy, but for most of its history, it was a de facto absolute monarchy. Ongwanada was made mainly because of the same reasons that Iustus was created for, a more stable government. The Founding people of The Kingdom of Ongwanada were, Austin Jaax, Sierra Babado, Mierrk Babado, and Josh Dole. The Kingdom of Ongwanada was created on 15 July 2015, with Austin Jaax and Josh Dole forming the provisional government. In the first Ongwanadan election, Josh Dole was defeated by Sierra Babado.

Sierra Babado, the former Queen of Ongwanada

At first, Sierra Babado was popular but quickly turned into a "power-hungry dictator" and closed The Parliament of Ongwanada, this angered a lot of people including Austin Jaax and Merrick Babado that they demanded Babado, to reopen parliament or they would overthrow her. She refused and took away Austin, Merriks, and Josh titles as Princes, and Crown Prince. On 29 August 2015, Austin Jaax and Merrik Babado rebelled against Sierra Babado thus starting The Ongwanadan Civil War. The anti-Sierrist lost the war by Sierra bringing in Canadian mercenary's. After The Ongwanadan civil war, Ongwanada fell into a state of decline into inactivity. In late September 2017 Austin Jaax and Mohammed Dealvi, start drafting a new constitution that will limit Sierra's power. Later on, citizen Josh Dole left after moving away and, Haiden Borkson, and Micheal Sujaka became crucial citizens. They corned Sierra 3 times telling her to give up her powers or another civil war will start this time with more support on Austin's side. On the 3rd time, Sierra said "yes" and The 2nd Ongwanadan election occurred. Austin Jaax won the election with Mohammed becoming The Grand Duke, and Sierra Prime Minister of Ongwanada, which some of the votes for Prime Minister may have been false but the others just accepted. The only Parliament meetings that happened in Ongwanada were The Crowning of Sierra Babado on 18 July and The Tax Law on 17 December 2017.

In the latter part of 2017 and early 2018, many citizens felt that Ongwanada was a lost cause and that most of the privy council weren't serious enough to run a nation. One unknown member stated; "I'm the Minister of foreign countries or something." The more serious successors and some citizens came together and On 15 February 2018, declared independence as The Iustus State, which is now the Empire of Iustus.

The Republic

The Empire of Iustus was founded on 15 February 2018, by a group of Ongwanadans. Originally founded as a Republic, a Government was quickly declared, with Austin Jaax serving as President, and Mohammed Dealvi serving as Vice - President. After a month or so, elections were held which saw Austin Jaax elected to a second term. Shortly into Jaax's second term, Mohammed Dealvi the Vice - President was publicly dismissed after he publicly doubted the existence of Iustus, this sent an affirming message to Iustians that Iustus was a real, and sovereign nation.

Due to a surge in citizenship in Iustus, a second election was declared, with Austin Jaax being re-elected, and Nicholas Randouler the runner up being appointed Vice - President. Several reforms were launched after the election, initiated by Nicholas Randouler including streamlining the legislative process and reforming Iustus's foreign Policy. The third election for Iustus was scheduled in June of 2018, which saw Austin Jaax re-elected again, to a third term, this election, however, initiated a crisis due to the Vice = President accusing the Democratic - Socialist Party of illegal campaigning, which resulted in the President resigning, a revised Constitution being implemented, and the Position of Prime Minister being created, with Nicolas Millan being voted into the Position by the legislature.

The Republic proved to be unstable however and after the November 2018 General Election, the Government of Jordan Micheals proposed a referendum on whether or not to transition to a Monarchy, the results of the referendum were a majority for Monarchy, and Austin Jaax was elected Emperor. And so on 17 December 2018, the Empire of Iustus was established, with Austin Jaax serving as Monarch.

Austin Jaax is the Iustian Emperor

Modern History

After the enactment of the new Constitution, things began to go by smoothly in Iustus. On 21 December 2018, the City of Tuposia, as well as the Town's of Nickel, and Octavia were annexed into the Empire. In February of 2019 Iustus experienced it's first year anniversary, with a party occurring on Iustus day, the party was attended by several Iustians and became a widely celebrated event with many people considering it to be the start of Iustian a distinct culture.

In May of 2019, concerns were raised over Jordan Micheals the Prime Minister at the time's ability to govern, as leaks of his use of drugs, which had been growing more and more frequent began to enter the public, the Prime Minister's personal approval rating began to fall, whilst the Governing parties approval rating Democracy Party remained relatively the same. On 18 June 2019, Democracy Party MP Ethan Obsidian introduced a Motion of No Confidence against Micheal's Government along with the backing of Iustus Now Democracy's collation partner and the Opposition parties. The Motion of No Confidence passed the House, later that day Jordan Micheals resigned as Prime Minister, and after consulting with the Cabinet, the Monarch appointed rising star MP Ethan Obsidian to Prime Minister of Iustus.

After the Motion of No Confidence, the Government continued to pursue its promises that Jordan had campaigned on, with a new banknote series being introduced, Iustus's first Postage Stamp series to be printed, and a delegation representing Iustus attending MicroCon 2019. In September of 2019, the Town of Gervasia was annexed into the Empire. On 17 October 2019, a General Election took place which resulted in Ethan Obsidian being elected Prime Minister with 47% of the vote, and the Democracy Party winning a majority in the Legislature.


The Empire is a unitary constitutional monarchy, with the Monarch being the Head of State, whilst the Prime Minister is the Head of Government. Before the 2018 Monarchical referendum, Iustus was a Republic due to the people wanting a Government better than their parent nations, however, due to some complications, the Government transitioned into a Constitutional Monarchy.


The Executive branch is made up of three positions in order of importance, The monarch, The Prime Minister, and The Chief Justice. The Monarch represents the unity of the Iustian people, acts a symbol of the State, signs all bills into Laws, and can introduce Acts into the House of Representatives. The Monarch also has the power to introduce Royal Decrees, which become law without a vote from Parliament; however the Parliament can create Acts to override Royal Decrees. The Prime Minister is the second most powerful position as he is the head of The Government; he can call meetings in the House of Representatives, cabinet meetings, and represents the Government of Iustus. The third highest position is the Chief Justice, who appoints judges and lawyers.

The current Office of the Emperor

The Cabinet

Main article: Cabinet of Iustus
The Cabinet of Iustus is a government organ that is made up of Government Ministers, who are appointed by the Prime Minister to help administrate the Country. The Cabinet is made up of Seven Government Ministers: the Chancellor, Minister of the Interior, Minister of foreign affairs, Minister of Immigration and Tourism, Minister of Justice, Minister of the Environment and Minister of Commerce.

House of Representatives

The Iustian House of Representatives is the Parliamentary of the Iustian government, which is made up of the Representatives from the Regions of Iustus. A representative in The House of Representatives can submit a bill to be voted on by the House; if the bill is voted on by a majority, it is passed to the Monarch for consent. If the Monarch approves the bill it becomes law. The House of Representatives is leaded by The Speaker of the House of Representatives who organizes activities of the House and may call meetings at any time. Representatives in the House of Representatives can serve as many terms to as many times as they get elected.

Parties and elections

General elections are declared by the Monarch in context with the Constitution, however, in practice, General Elections are called by the Prime Minister with the Monarch dropping the writ.

Each individual can join a party or make a party which must be approved by the government. Currently, there are four political parties and two main ones which are Democracy and Iustus Now. The Democratic-Socialists was the longest-running political party when it was active, while Iustus Now was the fastest growing and is currently the majority party in the Iustian Parliament, only parties with sitting members of government will be shown.

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology Representatives Prime Minister
Democracy Party (DP) Democracy Party of Iustus (1).png Lord Merrick Democratic-Socialism, Direct-Democracy, Left-Libertarianism
5 / 10
0 / 1
Faire (FE) Faire.png Lord Andrew Federalism
3 / 10
1 / 1
Iustus Now (IN) IN!.png Lord Nicolas Social liberalism, Economic conservatism, Integrationism
1 / 10
0 / 1
Iustian Environmentalist (IEP) Iustus Environmentalist Party Logo Small.png Leon Montan Ecosocialism, Progressivism
1 / 10
0 / 1


Iustus Dollar

The Iustus Dollar obverse $1 - $100

The Empire of Iustus's official currency is The Iustian Dollar, and it’s usable only in Iustian territory. The Iustian Dollar is pegged to the Canadian Dollar as to keep The Iustian dollar's value competent. The Canadian Dollar is also limitedly usable, being stored in The Bank of Iustus. The decoration of the Iustus Dollar has been changed over three times since its first use; the current Iustian Figures design was printed by Stephen II.

Foreign relations

Countries with Iustian Ambassadors

The Empire of Iustus has held diplomatic missions and embassies into many nations, countries that currently hold Iustian embassies are the United States of America, Canada, Colombia, Finnland Hong Kong, and a counselor in America as well. The Iustian ambassador to the United States of America is Nicholas Randouler, the Ambassador to Canada is Sierra Babado, Jani Kopolo is the Ambassador to Finnland, and Nicolas Millan is the Iustian ambassador to Colombia and the Consul-General to Hong Kong.

The foreign relations and affairs of Iustus is run by the Iustian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this also includes: creating diplomatic ties between Iustus and a foreign nation, ending diplomatic ties with a foreign nation, managing the foreign policy of Iustus, and organizing meetings and summits with other nations, all of these decisions must also have approval by the Emperor of Iustus before they are put into practice, the Emperor of Iustus may also make the same decisions without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Culture of Iustus

The Iustian culture is based around three principals, Equality, Democracy, and Peace. Many citizens of Iustus keep themselves occupied and are happy focusing on projects while others focus there time on playing video games, to most people it doesn’t matter as long as your having fun. Democracy is a key value in Iustus

Iustus microball

as it is one of the key foundations of Iustus that most if not all of its citizens value, popular things in Iustus include Hamilton the Musical, Youtube, Subway, and Polandball.

Many aspects of Iustian culture originate from Canadian and Ongwanadan culture as both of those nations are the predecessors to Iustus, as for one example, Hockey is popular in Iustus along with Tim Hortens, is common for Iustians to also celebrate Canada day along with Iustus day, and for Ongwanadan culture there is still symbolism of the Kingdom of Ongwanada with the Ongwanadan oak and the Royal staff, the Ongwandan language is still spoken by a few citizens of Iustus but it has mostly moved on to a more ceremonial language for special occasions.

National Holidays

National Holidays are special dates that are significant to Iustian history and Iustian culture.

Holiday Date Meaning
Iustus day 15 February To celebrate the independence of Iustus
Stephen Hawking Day 15 March Day to remember the life of Stephen Hawking
Relaxation day 2 April A day to have fun and relax
Randouler day 6 June A day to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Nicholas Randouler
Summer day 28 June The beginning of the summer holidays
Ongwanada day 15 July A day appreciate celebrating the common Ongwandan heritage
Family day 30 November A day to spend time with your family and loved ones

Administrative regions

Iustus is divided into Regions, Cities, Towns, and Territory's, a city has a population bigger then four, a Town has a population below four, and a Territory is an unpopulated territory of the Empire, Cities are administered by a City Council with a Mayor "Lord Mayor" leading it, a Town is lead by a Mayor with no council, and a Territory is directly administered by Parliament, Iustus is also divided into Regions for electoral purposes.

Iustus currently has two established Cities, the City of Curtis City and the City of Tuposia, Iustus also has three established towns, The Town of Octavia, the Town of Nickel, and the Town of Gervaisia, and two territories, which are Ongwanada, and Canso - Frontenac.