New Eiffelic possible civil war threat

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On 30 July 2020, Prince of the Principality of New Eiffel Janus I expressed he was uninterested in ruling, and made remarks hinting at him wanting to disestablish New Eiffel. First Minister Leon Montan confirmed Janus I possessed no power to do so, which could indicate a possible attempt for Janus I to try to unconstitutionally disestablish New Eiffel.


Prince Zabëlle I account his wish to abdicate on 16 June. On 17 June, Janus fully confirmed he would be accepting the position of Prince. Zabëlle signed his abdication letter on 18 June, which was to be made official on Janus's coronation. A crown was also created for the coronation, which had to be rushed due to Zabëlle's short notice. The whole royal family was present - Zabëlle took the crown and placed it atop Janus's head, declaring him His Majesty Janus (or Janus) the First, Second Prince of New Eiffel.