2019–2020 New Eiffelic Constitution Crisis

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The 2019-2020 New Eiffel Constitution Crisis is an ongoing scandal in which Zarel I, Prince of New Eiffel had accidentally lost New Eiffel's constitution; the constitution is being rewrote however many factors are delaying the new constitution being put foward, such as the Prince's hiatus, Parliament's suspension and a lack of action from political parties.


New Eiffel's constitution was lost on the 14th December, 2019 when Zarel I tried to publicise the constitution by copying it, accidentally losing it in the process of doing so. It was pasted back into a temporary document that was also accidentally deleted.

It was confirmed on the same day at 19:44 GMT that the constitution was lost and later announced at 20:05 that "the constitution shall be re-written, and be proposed through a referendum".