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Elijah M is a micronationalist president and king, national cybersecurity expert, and ex-politician of several micronations. He is the foremost figure in the landscape of minarchist, voluntarist, and anarcho-capitalist micronations, which he dubbed "micrononstates". He is a political philosopher, economist, and praxeologist in the realm of micronational politics. As a conlanger he formed the now lost language of North New Eifellic (Nurt Noveifellen Lingv), a regional language of the now-defunct Principality of New Eiffel, Where M was strongly influential in 2019-2020, forming the New Eiffelic Party and Coalition of Individualism and causing a stir with the scandal of Elijahgate, ultimately forming NE into the second-ever Ancap Micronation for a short period of time.

Philosophy and Politics

Elijah is a self described ego-cap/subjective rights voluntarist (a term he coined). He is an indirect/subjective realist, a rational and "ethical" egoist, A dualist (regarding the "meaningful mind" giving subjective meaning to the "meaningless reality"). His views have been described as metamodernist. M is also a naturalist, with influence from Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as "The Unabomber".

Views on Property, Capitalism, and the NAP

Elijah holds that the individual has subjective ownership and autonomy of their body and material property, which they control and use in their rational self-interest. He, like many other voluntarists, views the non-aggression Principle, not as a moral axiom but rather as a code of conduct based on the logic of self-ownership. Elijah bases his view of Capitalism solely on individual autonomy. As a Libertarian and an Anarcho-Capitalist, He believes in a free market of voluntary interaction and trade, free of government intervention, patents, regulations, subsidies, artificial monopoly and state legal protection.

Naturalism and Self-Sufficiency

M believes that true freedom comes from "true autonomy of both life and property". This means he idealizes Total Self Sufficiency and independence of the individual and its property as a means to achieve freedom from the wills of others and to achieve psychological fulfilment from engaging in activities that provide concrete ends such as food and water. Elijah holds that reliance on technology leads to a lack of life autonomy, and too much over socialization, collectivism, and Environmental Destruction.

Social Views

Elijah Is a self-described "Asocial" when it comes to imposing social views on others by force or via a government, which he calls, "the organization of force". He believes that the individual, in their autonomy, naturally can and should decide what way of life is best for them so long as they do not affect the body and property of others.

His personal views are more centrist or right of Center. Elijah believes in social monogamy, regional culturalism, views many religions in a positive light such as Scholastic Catholicism, and rejects gender as an abstraction in favour of the "two binomial sexes". He does not believe in the enforcement of sex roles, which he says do exist naturally in the form of "tends" but do not objectively apply to a particular sex.

Formation of Micronations

Mack Republic

The MR was founded as the first of M's Micronations in late February 2019. It was the first recorded Anarcho-Capitalist/Voluntarist Micronations, beginning as a Decentralized Federal Democracy with a Market Economy, and eventually becoming fully anarchistic by April 2019. For more information see the Micronation's article.

Feudal Kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan

The FKCC was/is a somewhat Ironic Minarchistic Feudal Monarchy formed by Elijah M and Jesus A in late 2019. The nation is now mostly defunct, but the language and culture still live on in Anacapa.

Kingdom of True New Eiffel

Kingdom of True New Eiffel was formed by Elijah M (and Janus I, Prince of New Eiffel) just before the fall of Principality of New Eiffel, as a continuation of the Nation's Constitution and Culture as the nation was being "Warped and Contorted" by It's current leadership in a way that Elijah and Janus found Unconstitutional, "draining creativity and energy" from the micronation.


Anacapa is Elijah's latest Micronation, a Minarchist/Voluntary government fusing aspects of Monarchy, and Democracy. The country is strongly influenced by the Mack Republic and it's early constitution, as well as the Principality of New Eiffel, and the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan. The nation is divided into several Boroughs, each ruled by a "High Governor". Each High Governor directly controls the Police, Emergency Aid, and fire department in each Borough. All entities are funded voluntarily or run by volunteers. The governors have most of the control over their borough, more than the President of the nation. The president though as a share of power over all the boroughs and controls the military almost single handedly, with the help of a "High Colonel". Presidents serve until their death or stepping down. At this point a new leader can be elected by popular vote. The citizens may also choose to simply give power to the eldest of the president's children. The Nation is currently at war with the US government and internal occupying groups. Three areas of the nation are under disputed control/are occupied by one entity or another.


  • Kateland
  • Lockétat