Kingdom of True New Eiffel

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The Kingdom of True New Eiffel is a Voluntarist/Anarcho-Monarchist Micronation that officially split from Principality of New Eiffel on October 28, 2020, due to growing tensions that climaxed when political figure Elijah M was banned from the New Eifellian Discord server.

The nation exists to preserve the traditions, language, art styles, etc. that have been slowly lost in the previous New Eiffel. For example, KTNE uses the forgotten New Eifellic and North New Eifellic languages, and promotes the art style of drawwrong. The nation claims to be the true nation of New Eiffel.


The History of KTNE centers around the political history of great New Eifellic figures, Elijah M and Janus Smith. There are several main points in tensions within New Eiffel that led to KTNE's creation:

1. Elijah M joins New Eiffel. Elijah M, an Anarcho-capitalist and Conlanger, wanted to preserve the language and culture of New Eiffel, and simultaneously abolish the state by creating a voluntary government rather than an involuntary one. During this time Leon Montan, a communist and political enemy of M was attempting to suppress the expanding Yellow Party (capitalist) formed by ex-Prime Minister Janus Smith.

2. Elijah M and Janus form the New Eiffel Party and Coalition of Individualism to prevent communism from taking over in NE in the 2019 election. Luckily for the coalition, the Yellow Party won, amidst Elijahgate and other internal turmoil.

3. Regardless of Janus Smith's prime ministry, Leon Montan and his party gained social power in NE and eventually, Janus, one of the founders of NE, left the discord server all-together. Leon Took his place unconstitutionally, as Janus at this point was still active in the nation offline.

4. Janus leaves NE as Leon turns the server into what Elijah called "A cultureless and bland election simulator", full of "random individuals with little investment in the nation or the preservation of the rights of individuals".

After KTND was announced by Elijah M on the Microwiki server, he withdrew Lodia, his Eew Eiffel territory, still claimed by NE, but fully under his control.

Government and law

KTNE has an identical government as during the Period of Liberation in NE, after Elijahgate when the Freedom acts were passed and Elijah M was pardoned by Z. Luna Skye.

The nation is stateless, and the only law, independent from any organization, is the Non Agression Principle (NAP). The NAP states that no individual can initiate force against another individual or their property, and all interaction must be free and voluntary (without direct coercion).

The Kingdom is a voluntary governence that provides protection of property, goods for those in need, etc. in return for following the kingdom's rules. The Kingdom enforces the NAP and also enforces some socially conservative/center-right values.

There is a prime ministereal election held every year on December 30. results are announced on New Year's Day.

Relationship With New Eiffel

KTNE's population almost entirely share citizenship with NE and KTNE is a supporter of the Yellow Party of New Eiffel. The nation hopes that the Yellow party can retake control over NE, and the two micronations can become one once more