New Eiffelic Party and Coalition of Individualism

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The NEPCI, Now known as the New Eiffelic Agora Party, was an influential big tent individualist coalition, and Anarcho Capitalist Party formed by Elijah M on October 7, 2019, as the "New Eiffelic Party of Individualism" in order to unite the Individualist parties that were split within the Principality of New Eiffel. At the time the individualists of N.E. (capitalists, marketists, mutualists, ancaps, libertarians, and conservatives) were split between the choices of the conservative party, yellow party, orange party, and more recently the libertarian party. The collectivists though (mainly socialists and communists) had the main choice of the Scandinavian Socialist Party, leading to possible landslide victories for collectivists.

After a short time, the party became both a party and a coalition, rather than a party for individualist parties to merge into. The first party to enter the coalition was the Yellow party, headed by Janus Smith , now in the coalition seat for prime minister. second to join was the New Eifellic right hand party, which split soon after the leader intended to form a new right wing-to far right coalition, the New Eiffel Free Coalition. (defunct)

After this alteration in the party structure, the organization forwarded New Eiffel into a state of Anarcho-Capitalism via amendments and possible unconstitutional activity. (see ||Elijahgate||)

After failed attempts to get the conservative party on board and the inability to contact the leader of the orange party, the coalition stood with the party of individualism and the yellow party, Until the collapse of New Eiffel and the birth of the ||Kingdom of True New Eiffel||.

On April 15, 2020 the group changed their name and released a new statement of belief:

THIS IDEOLOGY CAN BE SUMMARIZED AS FOLLOWS 1 Individuals have the right to make decisions for themselves and live their lives. Individuals rightfully own themselves. 2 Individuals have the right to express their will, ideas, needs, creativity, and inventiveness on their property, which they defend. 3 Thanks to property Individuals have the right to make voluntary trades of goods and services, and can share and trade freely. Through voluntary interaction a market is created that upholds both collective will and self interest, in which no force can be taken on individuals and there is always choice. 4 Through voluntary interaction there is not only an economic market, but there is a social market, where individuals may hold any idea or belief, but some will grow in popularity and some will shrink. 5 This ideology has the ability to simulate any economic ideal and uphold any personal belief by allowing for voluntary community organizations, local governments, communes, collectives, with their own rules and systems all competing and voluntary. _ We want to re-destroy the corrupt involuntary state of new eiffel and bring the nation back to its former glory of a stateless land with a voluntary community government for the benefit of the people we will achieve this goal by: A. ignoring the government of new eiffel. why solely try for revolution to gain your freedoms? why not express your human rights in secret, suffocating the state from the inside out B. using a vote. we will use elections to gain power, and fix what we did wrong last time. we will reform the constitution and then declare it a non-living document. we will then erase and government organization that can reform the state