List of proposed micronational state mergers

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This is a list of proposed micronational state mergers.

21st century

Proposed state Components Time period Successful? Notes
Proposal Bendera Indovonia 9.jpg Indonovia Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Utopiaflag.jpg Monovia
RFSUpdatedFlag.PNG Raflesinesia
2012 Yes Established in 2 April 2011 after discussion between Nabil Ihsan and Harry Fitzpatrick. Survived for merely a week before Monovia declared its withdrawal from the confederation to accept autonomy offer from Renasia.
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Federal Republic of Indokistan Flag of Al Rasyid Darussalam.jpg Al Rasyid Darussalam
Bbd.jpg Bobodolands Barakstan
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
2012 Yes Established in 16 September 2012 after Indokistani government accepted an offer from Abdul Rasyid I to merge Al Rasyid Darussalam to Indokistan and reestablish the country as federation, with Bobodolands Barakstan joined the proposed federation soon after. Reformed as unitary Indokistani Third Republic in 3 October 2012.
Bendera Madyaraksa.png Madyaraksa  Indokistan
 Los Bay Petros
2014 No Discussion on proposed unification suspended after Los Bay Petrosian delegates withdrawal and sudden inactivity in August 2014.
Drasthaflag.jpg Drastharaya Bbd.jpg Arkapore
Bendera Omahkulon.jpg Omahkulon
Bendera nauli.jpg Nauli
2014 Yes Established in 20 October 2014 as the brainchild of Tian Abdurrahman and Tommy Narisworo in order to protect their own country from inactivity. Drastharaya was seen as the most potential micronation inside the sector to counter Indokistani hegemony after its establishment. Collapsed in 24 March 2015 as result of internal conflict and rivalry among constituent states.
 Republic of Quebec  Republic of Quebec
Flag of the Dominion of Hattering.svg Republic of Hattering
2019 Yes Then President Aidan McGrath of the former Republic of Quebec seen the Dominion of Hattering independence from the Kingdom of Ikonia. He sought this out and used it as a way to get more land. He installed Socialist parties to head the state, later he proposed his final motion, a merge between the two.
 Kingdom of Quebec  Kingdom of Quebec
FlagofPeople'sRepublicofAzarathia.svg People's Republic of Azarathia
2019 No After months the the disputes and battles began between the two nations, Aidan I proposed that Azarathia should become apart of the Kingdom of Quebec. The motion was viewed by Tyler Boyle and was denied.
 Kingdom of Quebec  Kingdom of Quebec
Democratic People's Republic of Holland.svg DPRH
2019 No Tyler Boyle declared Azarathia dissolved and created Holland. Later, Aidan I proposed again that Holland merge with Quebec or war would erupt. This caused the start of the Quebecois-Hollish War.
Flag of Baustralia.svg United Kingdom of Baustralia and Quebec  Kingdom of Baustralia
 Kingdom of Quebec
2019 No Aidan I and John I developed a bill to be introduced to Parliament merging the two kingdoms into one with Aidan I as King. This failed, and with the approval of Aidan was rewritten to have John as King. This passed Parliament as the Union with Quebec Act, 3 John 1 c. 9 when Aidan suddenly pulled out and refused to assent to this Act. Provision still allows him as President to sign and merge.
Proposal of the Great Lakes Commonwealth.svg Great Lakes Commonwealth  People's Federation of Quebec
 Republic of Kapreburg
2019 No
 People's Federation of Quebec  People's Federation of Quebec
Flag of Saint James Islands (1).svg Commonwealth of St. James Islands
2019 Yes On 5 September, 2019 President of the Federation Aidan McGrath arranged a meeting with the then leader of St. James, a recently independent country from the First Kingdom of Quebec. The agreement is that the St. James islands would become an autonomous territories of the Federation. The agreement was made.