List of proposed micronational state mergers

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This is a list of proposed micronational state mergers.


Proposed state Components Time period Successful? Notes
North American Union flag.png North American Confederation Flagv3.png New Europe
Greene Flag 2015.png Ohio Empire
Eniarku flag 2015.png Eniarku
2010 Yes Proposed by Wilhelm von Hartmann-Peters and accepted by Joseph Marx and Aaron Meek by 28 November 2010.
Th Flag National 2.png Theodia Flag Underwoodia.png Underwoodia
Th Flag National 2.png Theodia
2011 Yes Proposed by Consul Erasmas Underwood of Underwoodia and accepted by Hir Grace, Kyng Sweyn Bradsson Schroeder I of Theodia by November 2011.
Proposal Bendera Indovonia 9.jpg Indonovia Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Utopiaflag.jpg Monovia
RFSUpdatedFlag.PNG Raflesinesia
2012 Yes Established on 2 April 2011 after discussion between Nabil Ihsan and Harry Fitzpatrick. Survived for merely a week before Monovia declared its withdrawal from the confederation to accept autonomy offer from Renasia.
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan Flag of Al Rasyid Darussalam.jpg Al Rasyid Darussalam
Bbd.jpg Bobodolands Barakstan
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
2012 Yes Established on 16 September 2012 after Indokistani government accepted an offer from Abdul Rasyid I to merge Al Rasyid Darussalam to Indokistan and reestablish the country as federation, with Bobodolands Barakstan joined the proposed federation soon after. Reformed as unitary Indokistani Third Republic on 3 October 2012.
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
RFSUpdatedFlag.PNG Raflesinesia
2013 Yes Unification of Raflesinesia
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan
Noflag.png Wirasena
2013 Yes
Noflag.png Republic of Asassin Noflag.png Republic of Asassin
Noflag.png Democratic People Republic of Asassin
Noflag.png Republic of Singaparna
Noflag.png Republic of Asia
Noflag.png Babikuda Kingdom
Noflag.png Republic of Twenty Five
2014 Yes
Bendera Madyaraksa.png Madyaraksa  Indokistan
 Los Bay Petros
2014 No Discussion on proposed unification suspended after Los Bay Petrosian delegates withdrawal and sudden inactivity in August 2014.
Drasthaflag.jpg Drastharaya Bbd.jpg Arkapore
Bendera Omahkulon.jpg Omahkulon
Bendera nauli.jpg Nauli
2014 Yes Established on 20 October 2014 as the brainchild of Tian Abdurrahman and Tommy N. in order to protect their own country from inactivity. Drastharaya was seen as the most potential micronation inside the sector to counter Indokistani hegemony after its establishment. Collapsed on 24 March 2015 as result of internal conflict and rivalry among constituent states.
 Indokistan  Indokistan
Aziziya flag.jpg Aziziyah
2014 Yes Unification of Aziziyah
 Juclandia  Juclandia
 Sabia and Verona
Flag of Lycem.png Lycem
Flag of Leonida.png Leonida
Flag of Burlatia.png Burlatia
Flag of Urcensia.png Urcensia
Flag of Ayrshire.png Ayrshire
2014 Yes As part of a major internal reorganization process, the Kingdom of Juclandia and several of its territories briefly became sovereign states and then merged into the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands; the Lycene Freehold also joined the Federal Union as part of Sabia and Verona.
 Abeldane Empire  Abelden
St David and Piran's cross.png Morgannwg
St. Castle flag.png St. Castle
Flag of Alexander.png Alexander
AdammicColumbiaFlag.png Bergendorf
Dolangrad flag.png Dolangrad
Flag of Sinoland.png Sinoland
Flag of Glaciania.png Glaciania
Flag of Stella.png Stella
Skandberg flag.png Skandberg
Flag of Nedland New.png East Nedland
2016 Yes Following major internal discussion and a referendum in favour of the establishment of a federal system within the Abeldane Empire, the majority of the member states of the Abeldane Commonwealth were voluntarily integrated into Abelden as federal states on 30 June 2016.
Flag of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.svg Karnia-Ruthenia Karniareichflagnew.svg.png Karnia
Bandeirarutena.png Ruthenia
Civil flag of Horvatia.png Horvatia
2016 Yes Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016. Later joined by other micronations.
 Empire of Paravia  Paravia
 Cinnamon Creek
2016 Yes Following a period of increasing concern among multiple members of the micronational community about the citizen-sharing situation, wherein many nations simultaneously consisted of virtually the exact same people, a number of micronationalists came together and following long-winded discussions decided to unite their nations into a wider federation. This federation came into force through the Treaty of Nyros, which transformed the Empire of Paravia into a federation and integrated its signatories as federal states in mid-2016. Following protracted federal inactivity throughout the latter half of 2017 and the secession of most states, Emperor Patrick, the federal head of state, dissolved the federation through a self-coup, suspending the federal constitution and transforming the remaining states into provinces of a restored unitary state.
New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png Great Lawl Reich New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png Great Lawl Reich
Francian Flag.png Grand Empire of Francia
2017 No Kaiser Emeritus Francis of Francia held a referendum in October or November 2017 for Francia to be annexed by the Great Lawl Reich. Most people, including Tsar-Kaiser Stefan I, opposed annexation.
 Kingdom of Atovia  Kingdom of Atovia
 Federated States of Transterra
2019 Yes President of Transterra and Chancellor of Atovia Edward Daniels proposed the merger, which was accepted by King Connor I of Atovia and formalized by a treaty on 23 April 2019.
 Republic of Quebec  Republic of Quebec
Flag of the Dominion of Hattering.svg Republic of Hattering
2019 Yes Then President Aidan McGrath of the former Republic of Quebec seen the Dominion of Hattering independence from the Kingdom of Ikonia. He sought this out and used it as a way to get more land. He installed Socialist parties to head the state, later he proposed his final motion, a merge between the two.
 Kingdom of Quebec  Kingdom of Quebec
FlagofPeople'sRepublicofAzarathia.svg People's Republic of Azarathia
2019 No After months the disputes and battles began between the two nations, Aidan I proposed that Azarathia should become a part of the Kingdom of Quebec. The motion was viewed by Tyler Boyle and was denied.
Yes Empire of Emosia Real Flag of the Empire of Emosia.png Empire of Emosia
Aenopia flag.svg Aenopia
2019 Yes Aenopia was annexed as a Dominion of the Empire of Emosia on 1 July 2019 however became independent on 15 August 2019.
 Kingdom of Quebec  Kingdom of Quebec
Democratic People's Republic of Holland.svg DPRH
2019 No Tyler Boyle declared Azarathia dissolved and created Holland. Later, Aidan I proposed again that Holland merge with Quebec or war would erupt. This caused the start of the Quebecois-Hollish War.
Flag of Baustralia.svg United Kingdom of Baustralia and Quebec  Kingdom of Baustralia
 Kingdom of Quebec
2019 No Aidan I and John I developed a bill to be introduced to Parliament merging the two kingdoms into one with Aidan I as King. This failed, and with the approval of Aidan was rewritten to have John as King. This passed Parliament as the Union with Quebec Act, 3 John 1 c. 9 when Aidan suddenly pulled out and refused to assent to this Act. Provision still allows him as president to sign and merge.
Proposal of the Great Lakes Commonwealth.svg Great Lakes Commonwealth  People's Federation of Quebec
 Republic of Kapreburg
2019 No
 People's Federation of Quebec  People's Federation of Quebec
Flag of Saint James Islands (1).svg Commonwealth of St. James Islands
2019 Yes On 5 September 2019 President of the Federation Aidan McGrath arranged a meeting with the then leader of St. James, a recently independent country from the First Kingdom of Quebec. The agreement is that the St. James islands would become an autonomous territories of the Federation. The agreement was made.
PhoklandUnion.png Phoklandian Free State Ruthenia-knock-off.png Kingdom of Phokland
Nflag1.png Grand Duchy of Navārdia
2019 Yes In late October 2019, Navārdia joined a confederal union state consisting of Phokland. After some reorganization, the confederation became the Phoklandian Free State. The original claims of Navārdia and Phokland became the provinces of Navārdia and Homeland, respectively.
PhoklandUnion.png Phoklandian Free State PhoklandUnion.png Phoklandian Free State
Uflag2.png Principality of Unicornia
2020 Yes After the successful merge of Phokland and Navārdia, it was decided that the small, politically troubled nation of Unicornia would also be invited into the union. It became what is now the New Santiago Special Administrative Region.
 Paloma  Paloma
Flag of the Sauveuse Republic.svg Sauveuse Republic
2020 Yes On early in March 2020 President of Paloma Aidan McGrath had brief talks with the then leader of the Sauveuse Republic's president, Leon Montan, on a possible merger and for all land of the Sauveuse Republic to return to its original state as was in the People's Federation of Quebec. On 21 March 2020 the Paloman-Sauveuse Joint Declaration and Treaty on Annexation of the Sauveuse Republic merging the Sauveuse Republic into Paloma and turning it into the Salvadoran SAR.
Noflag.png Federation of Micronations Menders-flag.png Mendersia
Flag of the Rednecks Republic (2020).svg Rednecks Republic
Vlajka Klitziburgu.svg Klitzibürg
Also invited:
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State
2020 No On 30 April 2020, two representatives of Rednecks Republic and Klitzibürg resigned on their government positions and citizenship of Mendersia after claims of undemocratic actions in the state. The President of Mendersia then proposed federation of the three micronations, which was rejected immediately. The President then proposed this idea to the Premier of the Gymnasium State, who refused too.
Flag of the Rednecks Republic (2020).svg Rednecks Republic Flag of the Rednecks Republic (2020).svg Rednecks Republic
Vlajka Klitziburgu.svg Klitzibürg
2020 No The governments of Klitzibürg and Rednecks Republic created an agreement, according to which Klitzibürg should become a part of the Rednecks Republic, if the Klitzibürg's government should become inactive. The idea was however later abandoned.



Flag of Baránok.svg Baránok

2020 Yes The establishment of the federation was successful, but it lasted only two months and then was separated on Połiak and Baránok.
Noflag.png North American Vanguard Faltree.png Faltree
Newnatlinflag.png Natlin
JehovahFlag.png Kingdom of Jehovah
2020 No A proposal made in September 2020 by Natlin to merge Faltree, Natlin, and Jehovah all into one micronation. Tueoedeth was in the talks for a few hours before pulling out. The idea was abandoned after Natlin pulled out.
Flag of Vishwamitra.svg State of Vishwamitra Flag of Vishwamitra.svg State of Vishwamitra
Our Flag.jpg Republic of Lowenia
2020 Yes The Republic of Lowenia was successfully merged into the State of Vishwamitra on 18 October 2020, after the leaders of the two nations discussed and framed a future plan. The territories of Lowenia are now part of Vishwamitra, as the Special Administrative Territory of Chandril.
Luchijan.png Republic of Luchijan Kingdom of Bladesharp

Republic of Atami

Abkazian Provinces

Asdenian Republic

2020 Yes A proposal was made in late September to unify the Asdenian Republic and the Kingdom of Bladesharp into one unified state. Later on right before the proposal was ratified and put into place, the Abkazian Provinces and Atami were added to the proposal. This prevented the formation of the Asdenian Union and instead created the Republic of Luchijan. In November 2020, the Peoples Republic of Nordvilla left Luchijan.
Wohlstand Vereinigung.png Wohlstand Vereinigung JehovahFlag.png Kingdom of Jehovah
Faltree.png Faltree
2020 Yes A proposal made in October of 2020 to create a unified state from Faltree and Jehovah. This proposal was created after previous talks including United Provinces of Natlin and the Republic of Tueoedeth failed to come to fruition. Faltree and Jehovah officially united on 26 October 2020.
Lutasia-Mapperia flag proposal.png United Duchies of Lutasia and Mapperia Flag of Lutasia.svg Duchy of Lutasia
Mappersko vlajka.png Duchy of Mapperia
2020 No Mapperia was struggling with inactivity during the beginning of November. Foreign observers proposed to unite Mapperia with Lutasia into a diarchy due to close cultural and geographical ties, the proposal however never gained traction in the respective micronations until after Mapperian dissolution.
KMV2.png United States of Mekniy and Lurk KMV2.png United States of Mekniy
Flag of the Lurk Republic.png Noble Republic of Lurk
2020 Yes The Noble Republic of Lurk joined the United States of Mekniy
New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark
Flag of the Kingdom of Hallstfeild.jpg Hallstfeild
2020 Yes A small nation called Hallstfeild requested Monmarkian annexation as a constituent country in late October, which was accepted and finalized on 1 November 2020, with Hallstfeild becoming the Kingdom of Hallstfeild. On 26 November Hallstfeild was dissolved.
Fynberg Convention Flag.png Holy American Empire New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png Monmarkian Empire
Flag of the Austerian Kaiserreich.jpg Germanic Kaiserreich of Austeria
The Flag of The Begonian KaiserreichSVG.svg Grand Principality of Begon
Flag of Wynnland.png Kingdom of Wynnland
Noflag.png Principality of Winschatten
Noflag.png Principality of Sophiesburg
2020 No A proposal made in October 2020 by HHRH Christoph I to the monarchs of the other nations for a union should one nation go inactive. On 31 October, new nations entered negotiations, but Wynnland pulled out the next day. Negotiations officially ceased on 1 December, with Begon pulling out following proposals of a "Monmarkian-Arthurian Empire" leading to negotiation.
Ureflag.jpg United Republic of Englica Woodshire Hill flag SVG version.svg Kingdom of Woodshire Hill
Npl flag.jpg Federal Republic of New Potato Land
2020 Yes A proposal initially made by Josiah Welch, President of New Potato Land, and Jonah Nichols, King of Woodshire, two micronational leaders from Lincoln, Nebraska. Jonah’s co-leader, Max Stenner, King of Hilltop approved.
Hamilton-Bausman Commonwealth Republic of Bausman
Grand Republic of New Hamilton
2021 Yes? The idea of the nation convergence was made on January 5th of 2021 it is to be watched to see what happens.


Proposed state Components First proposed Notes
Proposed flag of Paloma 2020.svg Unified State  Paloma
Flag of the Kingdom of Ardrossan and Colchester.svg Ardrossan
Flag of Disappointment Islandsvg.svg Disappointment Island
FlagofPeople'sRepublicofAzarathia.svg Azarathia
Democratic People's Republic of Holland.svg DPR Holland
Also invited:
2020 A proposal made in late March 2020 to merge all former Quebecois or related Quebecois states into on unified nation called the "Unified State of Former Quebecois Republics" .
Flag of Aenia.png Aenia Confederation KMV2.png United States of Mekniy and Lurk
Vlajka Klitziburgu.svg Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg
Radoslavianflag.png Kingdom of Radoslavia
Flag of the Rednecks Republic (2020).svg Rednecks Republic
Also invited:
Flag of Mercia.svg Mercia
Flag of Fyrinia.svg Republic of Fyrinia
Declined invitation:
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State
2020 Several Czech micronations have agreed to form a confederation to combat inactivity. The confederation succeeds few previous attempts on a federation or confederation of Czech micronations, known as Corona.
GNE.jpeg Garuda New Eiffel Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel
Garuda.jpeg Garuda
2020 A proposal made in 2020 by Garudan and New Eiffelic leaders to create a unified state with three major constituencies. Referendums are currently being held in both nations to gauge support for such a union.
Noflag.png Constantia Pact Flag of Australis.svg Australis
CSA.svg Confederate States
GNE.jpeg Garuda New Eiffel
Flag of Naveria.svg Naveria
2020 A proposal made in October of 2020 by Daniel Hamilton to create a confederation or organization of micronations with representation in The Fun Gang, a micronationalist social club formed earlier in the month.
Noflag.png Austral-Garudan Union Flag of Australis.svg Australis
GNE.jpeg Union of Garuda
2020 A proposal made in November 2020 to merge the Unified Royal States of Australis and the Union of Garuda, with Australis being the dominant power and retaining its name.
Luchijan.png Republic of Luchijan Luchijan.png Republic of Luchijan

Nordvilla.png Peoples Republic of Nordvilla

2020 A proposal made in November 2020 to merge the Peoples Republic of Nordvilla with the Republic of Luchijan again, either becoming a special administrative province of Luchijan, or an Autonomous region.
Noflag.png Monmarkian-Arthurian Empire New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png Monmarkian Empire
Flag of Arthurian Empire.svg Arthurian Empire
2020 A proposal made in December 2020, to merge Monmark, and Arthuria into a dual monarchy, first proposed by Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria, based on the close relations enjoyed by the two nations. The unification is set to come into force on 1 January 2021.
Noflag.png Vijverlanden Flag of Wallenia.png Wallenia
WalleniaRealmCOA.png Klinkenberg
Noflag.png Steinebach
2021 A propospal by King Joseph to unite nations that had the same geographical features as Wallenia, located in a lake/pound and are islands,