Chiefdom of Dachenia

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Chiefdom of Dachenia
Flag of Dachenia.png

Capital cityNo Central Capital
Official language(s)Dachenian
GovernmentTribal Feduealism

Dachenia, officially the Chiefdom of Dachenia (Dachenian: Chaf Ag'kok, , is a tribal nation considerd of 4 independent tribes, Transoxia, Xois, Westeria and Nasos based on an small abandoned alotment The nation declared inderpendence on 1 December 2014 by as a new country project Dachenia had its roots in the Eurozone crises. and see that the Netherlands have failed as a state, ,It have its own court, police, prison, and a small territorial guard of 10 man, On 19 September Dachenia joined the Empire of Paravia as an Autonomous region , Dachenia adopted a Fedual-Republican form of government a few months before re-joining the Empire on July 21, 2016. But then seceeded from Paravia on 11 Novemeber 2016 but recognized on 12 Febuary 2017


Oegstgeest is one of the earliest inhabited places along the coast. Evidence of a Batavian settlement from the second century was found in 1946 in an extension of a coastal dune in the Elgeesterpolder, although it is not certain whether this location remained permanently inhabited in the centuries after that.

By the 9th century there was already a little church in the same location as the current Little Green Church (Groen Kerkje) which, according to legend, was dedicated by Willibrord. The existence of this church is an indication that there may have been a community there.

From the 11th to the 14th century, Oegstgeest enjoyed a period of progress. This ended when Leiden was granted city rights. The carrying out of trades and construction were no longer permitted within a certain distance from the city. In 1399, the heerlijkheid of Oegstgeest and that of Poelgeest were merged because their declining populations could no longer afford to pay the required taxes to the Count of Holland.

Oud Poelgeest. Until the 19th century the boundary of Oegstgeest extended right to the city walls and moats of Leiden. But in the 19th and 20th century, it conceded more and more of its territory to the rapidly expanding city of Leiden.

Before the early 20th century, Oegstgeest had a rural character and did not have a centre of population. It consisted of several unconnected smaller settlements. Only after 1900 were new neighbourhoods built between the settlements. First Wilhelminapark was built, followed by Prins Hendrikpark (circa 1915), Buitenlust or Indische Buurt (1925), Julianapark, Oranjepark, and Emmapark (1920–1950), and Grunerie and the area between Emmalaan and Lange Voort (1950s). In the 1980s and 1990s, the Haaswijk and Morsebel neighbourhoods were built, followed by Poelgeest in the 2000s. In 2006 construction started on a new neighbourhood, Nieuw Rhijngeest.

Kingdom of Dachenland

The Kingdom of Dachenland also known as Tamagokyci (Our Land) was a state in The Netherlands and India, that existed from 2009 until 2010 (some remnants survived until 2012) . It was formed in 2009 be Reavalist supporters It was dissolved in 2012

Imperial State of Arnham

The Imperial State of Arnham was a state that existed from 2008 until overthrown by the Oegstgeest WarThe Imperial State of Arnham, was based in present-day Dachenia, which made up over its territory. New Willemstad was the seat of government and the country's capital city. The empire was a Moncaric Empire

Buddistic State

The Buddistic State was a Self proclaimed Buddist state,Lamanate and a Buddist, extremist, rebel group based in current Dachenia. It was a parody on the Islamic State and declared war on ISIS . However after 4 days it joined Dachenia


Dachenia declared inderpendence from a revolution,The Dachenian Revolution was a violent revolution, It was revolution to breakaway from The Netherlands between two forces, forces of Dutch Patriots who supports the Dutch government,and forces of Dachenia. The revolution began on 1 December 2014, ended on 4 December 2014.Then Dachenia annexed the Martinian Kingdom

Crown Paravia

Since various high ranking officals left Dachenia. Dachenia was so called "Brain Dead" as a result various Dachenians want to let Dachenia exist but the government was weak as many people of the Dachenian government left On September 19, Dachenia was refounded and joined the Empire of Paravia as Autonomous Region of Dachenia, with a fresh start.On 28 November 2015, the Autonomous Region of Dachenia was officially disbanded.

Second Republic

As soon Dachenia was relesed from Paravia, Dachenia enterd an experiment of Democracy and elected a prime minister Sander Batavus won and installed a Fedual Republic with independent ground owners while the central government have very limited control

On 14 July in Pitchbugh, Ned Gunderson sended to the Dachenian Goverment a invitation to re join a Federal Paravia As a result the Govemrnent and the People deposed the Prime Minister and proclaimed a refurendum about re-joining Paravia

The Dachenian goverment had originally intended to retain Dachenia as a puppet state . However, the enthusiastic support for Rejoining led the Government to change his stance and support Dachenia as part of the Federation.

Rejoining Paravia

On July 21, 2016, Dachenia rejoined a federal Paravia via the Treaty of Nyros. Nedland joined the Empire with Grémmia, the Usian Republic, the DRCC, and Nedland. On February 12, 2017, a major crisis broke out over the illegal secession of the Dachenia, and their ceding of land to the Empire of Pavlov. Following negotiations and mediation from the GUM, more specifically the SCRIL, the crisis was solved, and Dachenian independence was recognized.


Dachenian Tribes

On 11 Novermber 2016, The Dachenian people saw in that the Paravians "are nothing more than imperialistic dogs" and they proclaimed independence (although the Paravian government did not know about it) Soon Their was many anti Paravian riots in the country by beating up pro-Paravian citizens and expelled them from the country

On 26 November the Dachenians ceded Dachenian Hasanistan to the Pavlovian due the lack of Dachenian intrests

As soon Dachenia become dissolved and split into 4 main tribal kingdoms fighting for power This is known as the Intermediate Period, often described as a "dark period" in Dachenian history, spanned approximately 2 months, It included the Transoxia, Xois, Westeria (former known as Pavaris) and the Nasos. and also smaller countries and duchies in the west The Intermediate Period was a dynamic time in history where rule of Dachenia was roughly divided between four competing power bases. On 1 January the Tribes united to form the Chiefdom


Dachenia does not have a centralized government, and is more seen as a tribal federation. with each tribe united by the same habitat complex, and unified between each other by the same common set of law. The nation doesn't maintain a capital city, however Xois can be seen as the biggest city