Imperial State of Arnham

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Imperial State of Arnham
Keizerlijke Staat van Arnham

2008 — 2013

Arnham.pngArnham COA.png

God is aan onze zijde
None (2008-10)
Arnham Ons Vaderland (From 2010)
Capital cityImperial City (2008-12)
New Willemstad (2012-13)
Official language(s)English, Dutch, Slang, Derskovian
Official religion(s)None
Short nameArnham
GovernmentMonarchic empire
- EmperorDennis Cristian (last)
- Prime MinisterSam Bakker (last)
LegislatureImperial Senate
Established23 January 2008
24 December 2013

The Imperial State of Arnham, commonly known as Arnham, was a state that existed from 2008 until overthrown during the Oegstgeest War. Arnham was based in present-day Arnham, which made up over its territory. New Willemstad was the seat of government and the country's capital city. The empire was a monarchic empire.


Formation of Arnham

The Formation of Arnham was not a violent revolution, hardly a revolution, no casualties. It was claimed to be a revolution to breakaway from Holland; instead, it was a protest for Arnhamese independence.


The Imperial State of Arnham was founded by Najib I on 23 January 2008 following Geert Wilders's election to the House of Representatives in the 2006 Dutch general election. It was founded for multicultural purposes.

During the first month of its existence, Arnham gained a population of 16, with the military and treasury being created as well, in addition to a nobility system. In 2009, Arnham allied itself with the UDO.

In 2010, Najib I ceased his rule and left the nation to Sam I as the Empire officially became a constitutional monarchy, with the Imperial Senate as the new legislature. The first colony of the Empire, Arnham Prime, was annexed in August. Later, Sam became Minister of Defense.

In 2010 Sam was succeeded by Shady Morsi as the third emperor of Arnham. Under his rule, a constitutional monarchy was installed, with Wessel De Wekker as minister. Due the fact Shady left, Sam became Emperor for the second time; he would later abdicate in 2013, with Wessel becoming the Emperor of Arnham.

Arnhamese Civil War

The Arnhamese Civil War was a civil war in the Imperial State of Arnham, fought between the loyalist government under Wessel (with support of Viadalvia) and Arnham under Dennis Cristian. Arnham became an imperialist state following Dennis's victory.

Dennist Arnham and downfall

Arnham's rapid imperialism and militarization under the slogan "Arnhamese Pride World Wide" led to its emergence as a regional power.

The Oegstgeest War was the result of Arnhamese imperialist policy aiming to dominate Steingrad politically and militarily and to secure its vast raw material reserves and other economic resources, particularly food and labour. On 9 December, Stein Dros, the commander of the 1st Viadalvian Army, demanded that Arnham become a republic; Dennis refused, with Arnhamese military units being mobilized.

On the night of 21 December, the 1st Viadalvian Army invaded Arnham from its eastern border, occupying the capital, New Willemstad. Arnhamese forces attempted to repel the attack, which failed and resulted in their capture. The next day, Arnham was founded.