Arnham Crisis

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Oegstgeest War
Date12 November-30 December 2013

Viadalvian victory

  • Creation of a Pro-Viadalvian government in Arnham
De Wekker Dynasty
Imperial State of Arnham
Cristian Dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Stein Dros Emperor Dennis Cristian Anouwar Laddas
Tyrone Der Leeuen
9 5 3

The Arnham Crisis, also named Tripartite Aggression, was an invasion of Arnham and a civil war by Viadalvia and is Wekker Dynasty in exile, The Imperial State of Arnham and the communist Legionaries . The aims were to regain Wekkerist control of Arnham and to remove Dennis Cristian from power.

Civil War

Dennis Cristian

The origin of the Oegstgeest War can be traced to the Arnhamese Civil War of July 2013, in which Arnham, then under the pro-Viadalvian De Wekker Dynasty, was defeated by the Cristian Dynasty, Viadalvia, and to recognize the nominal independence of Arnham under Dennis Cristian, Arnham had also annexed the North of Steingrad

The nation changed from the Arnahmese Empire to the Imperial State of Arnham founded by the victors of the Arnahmese Civil War which overthrew De Wekker dynasty. Cristianist Arnham speeds up militarization and imperialism The Legionaries tried to make the Socialist Soviet State but was defeated by Dennis

In November, Arnham issued the Steingrad Treaty to cede Steingrad to Arnham When Viadalvia refuse the treaty Arnham declared the war on Viadalvia

Viadalvian Intervention

The Staatsraad ordered to retake Steingrad, Stein Dros become the commander of the 1st Viadalvian Army on 9 December he demanded that Arnham become a republic when Dennis refuse the Arnhamese units are mobilized.

On the night of 21 December, the 1st Viadalvian Army of the Viadalvian Army invaded Arnham from its eastern border and occupied the capital New Willemstad, Arnhamese forces try to repel the attack but they are all captured.

Peace Treaty

Arnham must agree with the following things

  • Arnham must surrender to Viadalvia
  • Creation of a Pro-Viadalvian government in Arnham