Staatsraad (Viadalvia)

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Coat of arms or logo
Unicameral legislature
President Of Viadalvia
Timo Vink, Unionist
since January 2014
Political groups
Viadalvian Social Liberal Party (3)
National Party (4)
Whig Party (1)
Democraitc Alliance (2)
Last election
September 2013 Elections
Meeting place
Staatsraad Bulding.jpg

The Staatsraad (State Council) is the unicameral parliament of the Viadalvian Republic, commonly known as Viadalvia. The Staatsraad has 10 (formerly 12) members and meets in the Staatsraad Bulding in Voltak. The latest election to the parliament took place on 1 December 2013.


September 2013 Elections

Viadalvia's first elections were held on September the 2nd, 2013. Shady Morsi was re-elected, winning 93% of the votes. Timo Vink came second and became a minister. A new member joined the governement, his name is Edis Prasovnik. He represents the Monarchist Party. The New Cabinet (also called Shady II) consists of the following arrangement: Viadalvian Social Liberal Party (3 seats), Viadalvian Capitalist Party (2 Seats), Independent (1 seat), and Monarchist party (2 Seats). However after the Monarchist party became defunct the CROV took over the Monarchist seats.

2013 Referendum

In 2013 President Shady Morsi held a Referendum about the changing the government. The 2 choiches were: Retain the Republic or Create a monarchy The Results were 90% for the Republic and 10% for the monarchy


The 10 members of parliament enjoy a limited legal immunity: they may not be prevented from carrying out their work as members of parliament. They may be charged with crimes they have committed in office only if the parliament gives a permission to that end with a majority of 3 given votes. For other crimes, they may be arrested or imprisoned only for crimes which carry a minimum punishment of five months in prison, unless the parliament gives permission to arrest the member.

The members have an unlimited right to discuss the matters at hand. However, they must behave in a "solemn and dignified manner" and refrain from personal insults. If the member breaks against this rule in the session of parliament, they may be interrupted by the spokesman. Grave breaches of order may be punished by two weeks' suspension from office after the decision of parliament. If a member is convicted of an intentional crime for a term in prison or of an electoral crime to any punishment, the parliament may decide to dismiss the member if two thirds of the votes given are for dismissal.