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—  Former Capital of Viadalvia
Voltak being demolished
Nickname(s): Capital City ,Capital District
Motto: God verenigt Viadalvie
Country Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Republic of Viadalvia
Founded 1967 (as school)
2013 (as city)
 - Mayor
 - Staatsraad
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 - Total 3 (at time of dissoluition)
Demonym Voltaknese
Time zone UTC

Voltak, formally the Federal City of Voltak and commonly referred to as Voltak, "the District", or simply 'capital'., was from 2014 until early 2017 the capital of the Viadalvian Republic. The new declaration of independence approved the creation of a capital district located along the south of Kazkova on the country's Sourthren border. The Viadalvian Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Staatsraad and the District is therefore not a part of any Viadalvian district

The town was the policital centre of Viadalvia, being the site of its foundation in 2014. It is the only local-level administrative division in Viadalvia to have an exclave, East Kosta.

In January 2017, the Zoetermeerdian municipal government announced plans to demolish Voltak. Since the building wwas very old and suffered from leaks, After an arduous eviction process, demolition began in February 2017


Voltak is named after the Viadalvian word: Voltaskia, Meaning 'big city' or 'glorious city' in Viadalvian, Voltak was used as a nickname but as soon it became the official name


As School

The Bulding was first used as school However the school left and moved min mid-2012

As Hoogwaard

Was owned by Hoogwaard and was known as the The Grand Dukedom of Voltak, and was smaller then current Voltak However its disbanded in 7 July 2013

Viadalvian Capital

Voltak in 2015

Actions on Voltak


Over time, the muncipial government of Zoetermeer found Voltak to be increasingly poor and expensive, Sanitary conditions in particular — remained far behind the rest of Zoetermeer. Voltak would be converted to a park, the

Timo Vink, The current president of Viadalvia responded that "Voltak is a very old artifact of the Viadalvian nation and it prevents that Viadalvia is going forward" 4 years after Viadalvia was independent in 2013, Vinkenburgh became the new country’s administrative and economic center. While Voltak was abandoned by the most Viadalvians


Voltak consists of slightly sloped, grassland and an abandoned building


Voltak consists of a bulding and a small region known as West Voltak. The most falicties are in the bulding

The Staatsraad Bulding

A room which is the meeting place of the Staatraad ,former meeting place of the Palenteiner Wijkraad,


A small second hand chothes shop,Owned by Viadalvia and is accros from the Staatsraad bulding


a small bike shop in Voltak, Owned by Viadalvia,

West Voltak

West Voltak is situated apart from the rest of the Town, despite Voltak its outside. Comprised of a garden a benceh, various sheds and an embassy of the Republic of Hengelveld,Was the original capital of Viadalvia until 2014 but the most of the people lifes in the west