National People's Police

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Viadalvian Police
Founded 21 August 2013 (National Police)
22 August 2013 (Peoples police)
4 June 2014
General nature Law enforcement
Local civilian police
Secretary of Defence Anouk Vink
Chief Inspector Youri Van Zwite
General information
Jurisdiction Viadalvia and dependent territories
Standard weapon None

The National Peoples Police (Natjionale Vulkspoliz) are the national civilian police force of Viadalvia, responsible for enforcing the law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order, arresting criminals, and protecting the government. The Viadalvian Police is overseen by the Secretary of Defence

The NPF was founded in June 2014, After merging the National Police and the People's Police. The Peoples police was the Local civilian police (overseen by the govenour of the territory) and the National Police for Law enforcement


Every regiokorps (regional constabulary) is led by a korpschef (corps chief), The Govenor of the Region who conducts the day-to-day police force management. Decisions about the principal law enforcement policies are made by a regional board, the National Bond of Directors whose chairman is the force manager. The korpsbeheerder is usually the mayor of the largest municipality in the region. The other board members of the NBD are the Govenor and the (chief) prosecutor.

A region consists of several districts, each having a district chief. Each district consists of a number of local units, called basic units or teams.

The "police strength", the number of constables and other police employees in a region is determined by the number of inhabitants and the amount of crime in the region. So the smallest force counts about 3 police officers, while the largest one counts more than 5 police employees. There are about 17 police employees serving in Viadalvia


The Viadalvian police have durring its existance arrested 4 people (3 as National poice and 1 as United)

  • In September 2013 the National Police arrested a man who's attacking other people
  • In October 2013, for made a coup attempt
  • In December 2013 after trowing with beer bottles on an officer
  • In October 2014 for attacking other people