Social Liberal Party

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Social Liberal Party
Leader Corrie van Egbeek
Chairperson Thomas Kaznj
President Jan
Spokesperson Glyden Van Berkel
Founded 21 June 2013 (first party)
29 september 2014 (restored)
Headquarters Adania
Youth wing Young Pioneers
Membership  (Apr 2014) 34
Ideology Social Liberalism
National affiliation Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Republic of Viadalvia
Official colours Blue
3 / 10
The Viadalvian Social Liberal Party (Libereske Sokjiale Vadalci) is one of the major contemporary political parties in Viadalvia,. There have been 1 Social-Liberal president, the first being Shady Morsi, and had 2 prime ministers

Since 2013, the party has promoted a social-liberal platform, supporting social justice and a mixed economy. Until the forming of the Unionist Party the VSLP was the sole party of Viadalvia

The party is divided into one local subdivisions; one in Hasanistan,. The members of each local subdivision automatically become members of the federal SLP.