Derskov-Viadalvian-Arnham Relations

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Derskov-Viadalvian-Arnham relations
Map indicating location of Derskov-Viadalvia and Arnham



Relations between Derskov-Viadalvia and Arnham are foreign relations between Derskov-Viadalvia and the Republic of Arnham.


Relations between the two nations have been notably turbulent since the initial opening of relations in 2013, often as a result of the differing ideologies between the mostly centerist Viadalvia and the monachistic-imperlistic Arnham. While relations were initially strong due to the relatively close distance between them (approximately 1.5 km from Steingrad to New Wilemstad), The rise of Arnhamese Imperlism late 2013-2014 saw relations become strained, ultimately ending up in the Oegstgeest WarViadalvia won and Arnham become a protectorate the Monachry is abolished also Arnham become a unionist state


Derskov-Viadalvian - Arnamese relations are categorized as extremely friendly, and Derskov-Viadalvia plays a large role in both internal and external Arnhamese affairs. Although Arnham cannot declare war nor form alliances without prior Derskov-Viadalvian approval, Arnham rarely partakes in any formal diplomatic activity outside Dersko-Viadalvia. Arnham currently has formal relations with Dolmenia

The Armed Forces of the Union currently has a unit in the region .The Arnhamese government does not posses its own defence force, and the Derskov-Viadalvian unit of the Armed Forces of the Union does not have any formal connection to the Arnhamese government. However,Arnham have a small partisan amy called the Arnhamese Peoples Army

Politically, Derskov-Viadalvia has a high level of influence in Arnham. Currently the sole political party in Arnham is the Unionist Administration of Arnham,

Country comparison

Confederate States of Derskov-Viadalvia Republic of Arnham
Population 78 9
Area Unknown 2 m2
Capital Kosta New Willemstad
Largest city Soltov Gorz
Government Triumvirate under a confederacy Unionist-Single-party state
Official languages English, Dutch, Derskovian, Viadalvian, French, Turkish,Dradelian Adjistani German, Russian Daltonese Kahillian and Frisian English, Dutch, Slang, Derskovian
Head of State Shady Morsi,Timo Vink,Ino de Wacht Sam Bakker
Established 2013 (as Viadalvia) 2013