Kingdom of Karenland

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Kingdom of Karenland


Ik Ben de Baas
Queens Anthem
Capital city Arisnonue
Largest city Kamer
Official language(s) English,
Official religion(s) Atheist
Demonym Karinlandic
Government Queendom
- Queen Karin II(Last)
- Suseccor Buwdin Ulluru
Established 2008
Population 13
Currency Munnie
Time zone UTC
National animal Horse
The Kingdom of Karenland was a state in Current Karenland It was formed in 2008 by the merger of Kingdom of Rebecca and Arisnonue

The state was ruled by the Karin dynasty of which previously ruled Kingdom of Arisnonue under Karin I from 2008-2010 king of Karinlnd until the Karinlandic Civil War in 2010. He was succeeded by Ulkie He was known as "Ulkie the Lover" but he left the throne

In 2013, the Kingdom was weakend and stoped to exsist