State of Adjistan

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State of Adjistan
حالة أدجيستان
Adjistan ad-Dawla



(Adjistan Our State)
and largest city
Official languageArabic, English
Official religionSunni Islam

GovernmentElective constitutional monarchy
- EmirMohammed Boky
- Prime Minister Shady Morsi

LegislatureNational Congress
- Emirate of Adjistan17 Febuary 2008
- First Adjistani Republic21 July 2013
- State7 January 2015

Population17 (2014 Estimate)

Adjistan (أدجيستان), officially the State of Adjistan (حالة أدجيستان) is a constituent nation in the Karaafsharid Empire, located in northern Europe and bordered by the Arab Republic of Egypt as well as the Republic of Balistan. It is divided into towns and medinas, the most important of which is Medyna. It has a population of 17 and a de facto area of approximately 585 square miles, though de jure much smaller.

The first Adjistani State was formed in 2008 by Muhammed IV Of Adjistan declaring the current Medyna independent. Once Muhammed moved to Saudi Arabia he left the nation to chiefly Shady Morsi Adjistan became bigger and became part of the Salarian People's Republic the territories become split and become Adjistan (Cairo) and Balistan (Alexandria) after the disbanding of the SPR ,Adjistan become a self-proclaimed republic however in 2014 the Derskov-Viadalvian government re-annexed it

After Derskov-Viadalvia disbanded Balistan left Adjistan and declared independence. Claiming 2/3 of Adjistani land the Adjistani government declared war Balistan defeaded the weaker Adjistani army making Adjistan 5 January 2015, The Haleesh deposed the Presidental Republic and established a conservative regime in Adjistan


Adjistan under monarchy

Old flag of Adjistan.

The first Adjistani State was formed in 2008 by Muhammed IV Of Adjistan declaring the current Medyna independent from Egypt, Adjistan get supported by locals and people wit live near it. The Adjistani Emirate was smaller then Current Adjistan. Despite that Adjistan was small. It had his golden age Once Muhammed moved to Saudi Arabia he left the nation marking the end of the Emirate

Adjistan under SPR

Once Muhammed moved to Saudi Arabia he left the nation to chiefly Shady Morsi, With was the president of Salaria. Salaria annexed Adjistan along with various other Morsi-owned areas and creating 2 territories Adjistan (with was located in Cairo) and Balistan (with is located in Alexandria)

Republic of Adjistan

After the fall of the SPR under the rule of President Abdul Fasal and Qasim first came to power through the Adjistani Revolution in which the Kingdom of Ajistan Morsi monarchy was overthrown. As a result, The SPR were dissolved and the Adjistani republic established. In 2014, the Islamist government became a threat to the selcuarist Derskov-Viadalvian government, the Derskov-Viadalvian invaded the unlegtimate Adjistani Republic the Invasion of Adjistan due the fact that the Adjistani government claims land with owned by the Morsi family


It became a territory in Derskov-Viadalvia with Adjistan and Balistan

Gizeh Era

Derskov-Viadalvia collapsed and Balistan broke away from Adjistan and became its own state. Separating both soon Adjistan declared re-inderpendence from Egypt as the Second Adjistani Republic. Al-Hadeen proclaimed himself as president

Soon Adjistan invaided Balistan in an attempt to retake Balistan this war is known as the Gizeh War The war was won by Balistan and Adjistan lost 2/3 of its land

The people oppose Al-Hadeen and formed the Haeesh Movement with oppose Al-Hadeen's liberal idelogy, On 5 January 2015,Haleesh deposed the Presidental Republic and established a conservative regime in Adjistan . The subjugation of the country to Israel, Al-Hadeen's expenses, the power of the Liberals and the lost lands ceded to Balistan, On the 7th of January The Haleesh conquered The capital and arrested Al-Hadeen. Marking the end of the Second Republic. The new Haleesh government and Balistan maded a treaty with the lost Adjistani lands will be give back


Standard of the Emir of Adjistan

Adjistan is an elective monarchy headed by the Emir. Under the constitution of 2014, executive power is exercised by the emir and the cabinet, which consists of several other ministers. The emir has the power to dissolve the legislature, in which case new elections must be held within three months. However, , sovereignty has resided with the Nation, exercised by the Emir in accordance with the Constitution and the law.Legislative power is vested in the National Parlement, a unicameral legislature of 10 members, who are directly elected to five-year terms from four constituencies. The Republic of Adjistan has three lower tribunals and a Superior Court of Justice , which includes the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation. There is also an Administrative Tribunal and an Administrative Court,


The Military of Adjistan is small compact armed forces leaded by the president. The Adjistanese Army is known as weak and coward by the Balistanese. Despite the army is maded up of former Egyptian soilders with have fighted in the Six Day war and the Yom Kippur War, The army is divided in 3 branches

  • Adjistan Militia
  • Adjistani Army
  • Adjistan Super Agengy Forces


Map of Al-Qafr

Adjistan is small of the smallest countries in Africa, It borders Balistan and the Arab Republic of Egypt,


The largest metropolitan area in Adjistan Its the north part of the country. The Greater Adjistan Mosque is located there, Its regional capital New Cario is the smallest area of land. It considers of a house and a small home farm, The national capital is located in Al-Qafr


Kirfa is a the other main settlement in Adjistan apart from Al-Qafr. It is an exclave, located 5 miles from Al-Qafr. It is the less populous city in Adjistan, It have a small madrassa


Ammar is located in Alexandria. It contains both cities (South Alexandria and J'whrh) is is divided 220 km (136 mi) from the mainland Ammar consists of slightly sloped, grassland. The capital, J'whrh resides on international borders on two sides. (Egypt and Balistan) The highest point on the Adjistani mainland is 11 meters above sea level. The land is mainly filled with grass and surrounded by a large border wall on all sides. The territory is owned and control by the government.



The people of Adjistan are called Adjistans or Adjies. The immigrant population increased in the formation of Adjistan due to the arrival of immigrants from Algaria, there are Arabs, Berbers, Turks, and Americans,


Arabic came to Egypt in the 7th century, and Egyptian Arabic has become today the modern speech of the country. Of the many varieties of Arabic, it is the most widely spoken second dialect, due to the influence of Egyptian cinema and media throughout the Arabic-speaking world.


Adjistan is an islamic state, the state recognises Sunni Islam as the only religion. Despite Adjistan is an islamic state. Only 50% is muslim 10% are Coptic and 40% are Atheist


In Adjistan, health care is provided by national and local governments. Payment for personal medical services is offered through a health insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set by a government committee. People without insurance through employers can participate in a national health insurance program administered by local governments. Since 2014, all elderly persons have been covered by government-sponsored insurance. Patients are free to select the physicians or facilities of their choice.



Football is the most popular sport in Adjistan. Egyptian football clubs especially El Ahly and El Zamalek are supported by Adjistani people

The Adjistani national football team won from Balistan with 5-4

Other popular sports in Adjistan are basketball, handball, squash, and tennis.


Adjistani cuisine consists of local culinary traditions such as Ful medames, Kushari, and Molokhia. It also shares similarities with food found throughout the eastern Mediterranean like kebab and falafel.