Salarian People's Republic

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Salarian People's republic
Flag <17 June- 21 July 2013) Flag
(21-24 July 2013)
(21-24 July 2013)
Coat of arms
Motto: Workers of the world, unite!
Anthem: the Internationale (de facto)
CapitalNew Amsterdam
Largest citySouth Cairo
Official languagesArabic and Dutch
GovernmentStalinist (17 June-21 July)
Maoist (1-23 July) one-party totalitarian dictatorship
• President
Shady Morsi (first)
Stein Dros (last)
• General Secretary
Shady Morsi
• Governor
Kevin Vanhaar
EstablishmentJune 7th 2013
• Census
23 (2013)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
North Salaria

The Salarian People's Republic (or People's Republic of Salaria) known as Salaria was a communist micronation in the Netherlands that existed from 17 June to 24 July 2013. Its government and economy were highly centralized. The SPR was a socialist republic, governed by the Communist Party with New Amsterdam as its capital. The SPR had its roots in the Dissoluition of Hoogwaard, As soon Salaria was divided into two zones with the north occupied by the Republic of Salaria and the south by the SPR An invasion initiated by South Salaria led to the Salarian War and won establishing the SPR Salaria was known for its warmongering and its aggressive attitude and started was suchs as Salarian War, Salaria-MCA war the Salaria-Jera War and the Salarian Civil War.

In the mid-of existance, The General Secretary, Shady Morsi sought to further reform and established Maoism as its state idelogy. The goal was to break the power of the the Communist Party. Morsi also established the office of President on 21 July Morsi left office for "studying" and established Viadalvia in exile, Meanwhile Stein Dros was elected as President On 24 June 2013 the Viadalvian leaders decided to remove the Salarian regime On 24 July, 8 Viadalvian troops invaded Salaria and overran the Salarian People's Army in just a day.On the same day, the Viadalvian Republic was established in Salaria [[Category: