Salarian War

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Salarian War
Date12–17 June 2013

South Salarian Victory

South Salaria North Salaria
Commanders and leaders
Chairman Shady Morsi President Timo Vink
6-8 5

The Salarian War, known as the Great Patriotic War by the south was a war between North Salaria and South Salaria, The war began when South Salaria invaded North Salaria.


On 7 June 2013, Hoogwaard was disbanded due the lack of control and instability, Morsi and Vink moved to the other side of the schoolyard (witch Salaria is located) Morsi, Who became a marxist-lenninist established the Salarian People's Republic in New Amsterdam, Timo Vink established its own capitalist government in the north under the name "North Salaria" to counter Morsi's SPR

Both opposing governments considered themselves to be the government of Salaria, and both saw the division as temporary. The Salarian People's Congress lobbied Morsi for support in a war of reunification. Timo Vink repeatedly expressed his desire to conquer the South. In the lead-up to the outbreak of war, there were frequent clashes along the border


The Triad EX-3. The SPA'S main weapon

On 12 June 2013, the Salarian People's Army crossed the border The SPR declared war at the North, Morsi said that "Taking the north is a command, I will unite Salaria under the glorious socialist banner of peace and freedom," Fighting began on Border where the SPA defeats the unorganized and poorly equipped North Salarian Army,

On 13 June, The SPR controlled 90% of North Salaria and Timo Vink evacuated from Bostan with some of the government. Vink called for a Guerrilla war in order to defend North Salaria, the renmants of the North Salarian Army attacked the SPA

On 14 June, Whovania declared war on South Salaria, to "Defend the Salarian democracy" Whovania threatened to invade South Salaria However Whovania never send any troops to Salaria

By mid-war, North Salarian forces numbered between 3 and 5 troops, armed with wooden sticks but was unprepared and ill-equipped

In contrast, the Salarian People's Army were determined and good-equipped.the SPA had 8 soldiers armed with metal batons and nerf pistols

On the eve of 17 June, Timo Vink was absent in North Salaria and the Salarian People's Army marched on the capital unopposed, and even after occupying the north's capital, the army did not face any resistance. The Salarian People's Republic was proclaimed, Making the end of 5 days of division