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Military Base of Viadalvia
Sovereign Base of Steingrad
Flag of Steingrad
South Dumbling Island
Region Noord Viadalvie
Founded3 March 2013
 • Millitary ComminsionerStein Dros
 • Total4
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1

Steingrad officially the Sovereign Base of Steingrad, was a Viadalvian Overseas Territory located formaly in what nowdays was in Wallenia on The Netherlands The Areas, which include bases and other land, were retained by the Viadalvian, under the foundation of Viadalvia Steingrad was a fedral republic but after a short war Viadalvia annexed Steingrad as an integretal part This had an important role as a station for the Viadalvian Military vital strategic part of the Viadalvian communications gathering and monitoring network in Viadalvia, Stein Dros however was still the base commander

The territory comprised three Areas. One is Steingrad or the "Southren Sovereign Base Area" (or SSBA), nowdays de Waal in Wallenia which includes two main bases The other Area is Perma, or the "Northern Sovereign Base Area" , which includes a base near Lytse Griene and parts of Perma district It borders Arnham It was ceded to the Netherlands