Viadalvian Military

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Viadalvian Armed Forces
Viadalci Wejermacht
Active21 July 2013 - present
CountryFlag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Republic of Viadalvia
  • Hoghqwart.jpg Hengelveld
AllegiancePresident of Viadalvia
TypeArmed Forces
Part ofSecretary of Defence
Nickname(s)Best Army ,The Boys
Motto(s)Blood comes form courage
Anniversaries3 September
  • makeshift spear
  • Nerf gun
  • Airsoft guns
  • Real Guns (only in west Viadalvia)
  • Fireworks
  • Self-maded guns
President of ViadalviaTimo Vink
Secretary of DefenceAnouk Vink
Millitary ComminsionerStein Dros
Rick Van der Horst
Shady Morsi
General Davis
RoundelViadalvian Roundel.png
Naval FlagViadalvian Naval Flag.png
Millitary StandardBanner of Viadalvia.png
Aircraft flown
BomberConsolidated PBY Catalina
TrainerRC planes

The Viadalvian Armed Forces (Viadalvian: Viadalci Wejermacht) consists of the Viadalvian Army, the Viadalvian Air Defences and the Viadalvian Navy totaling over 50 active-duty personnel. In 2014 the armed forces had the following personnel: the army, 5 in the air defences, 13; navy, 1 Field Command of Viadalvia, and 45 reservists

The Viadalvian Army was formed durring the summer vacation regime after uniting paramillitary forces of Viadalvia. It had its golden days in September he Viadalvian army was used throughout the Viadalvian Civil War, After the Civil War the Viadalvian army was transformed into a volunteer army. The army was unsuccessfully deployed during the Viadalvian-Pan Iryllia war. After the conflict, it was deployed mainly in the Viadalvian colonies, as Hoogwaard,The army merged with the Derskovian Blue Guard to form the Armed Forces of the Union,After Derskov-Viadalvia collapse. The Viadalvian army was refounded


The army is composed of 16 brigades, two mechanized brigades,

A soilder from the 2nd Division

The army’s main equipment consists of a combination of Freight bicycles and main battle tanks; 2 reconnaissance vehicles; , It have 29 people and have 1 semi-automatic rifle 23 airguns and 11 spears. The knife is the standard assult weapon

Viadalvia regcognize the TRNC but they


The VAS Voltak the flagship of the Viadalvian navy

The navy is divided into two fleets: the Northern Fleet (known as Heavy Janger) has bases in Gongagijp; the Center Fleet has bases in Steingrad. The marines are organized into 2 brigades, The navy’s inventory includes 11 principal surface mariners,Trained in Poelmeer The fleets considers of 2 Sloops, 1 Motorboat, and 1 Yacht

Air Force

The air force is organized in 1 bomber squadrons, As of 2013, Viadalvia has around 1 combat aircraft. a Consolidated PBY Catalina


The Viadalvian Armed Forces is overseen and funded by the Secretary of Defence , with the Council to defend of the Motherland being convened for its overall command during wartime. The CDTM (similar to the British Chiefs of Staff Committee) is comprised of the President, Secretary of Defence, Prime Minister and the Minister of Affairs.

The President is commander-in-chief of the Viadalvian Armed Forces and has the power to appoint, promote and demote officers as well as to form, merge and dissolve military units with the consent of the Secretary of Defence. The President - is the professional head of the Viadalvian, and reports directly to the War Council when it is convened.