Republic of Hengelveld

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Republic of Hengelveld

Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Capital cityHengelveld
Largest cityKonyo
Official language(s)Dutch ,Hoogwaardian
Official religion(s)Rastafarism
GovernmentRevolutionary Socialist Republic
- PresidentSamuel Bakker
- PremierWessel De Wekker
- Type - Unicameral Parliament
Established17 October 2014
Time zoneGMT

Hengelveld, officially the Republic of Hengelveld, is a now-defunct micronation located in Southern Holland. The nation is a protectorate of Viadalvia. It was founded by President Samuel Bakker, a former Hoogwaardian citizen. The Hengelvelder Republic is located on the remnants of the Republic of Hoogwaard. It is considered to be a puppet state of Viadalvia by other nations.



Originally founded as Hoogwaard in Oegstgeest in 2013 by Shady Morsi and his frend Timo Vink, it became a Roman-based 'Despotic Republic'. With Hengelveld as capital, Oogwaard disbanded due to animosity towards Hoogwaardwas and was subsequently destroyed.

Current State

The Republic of Akebar was declared on 17 October 2014 at 12:35 GMT as an independent Hoogwaardian state.


Hengelveld is a Revolutionary Republic with two main political parties, the Action Party and the Democratic Party. The Action Party adheres to Left-Libertarian Wing politics and state secularity, the views of the party members range from moderate Socialism to Liberalism. The Democratic party is a Pro-Christian, Moderate Right Wing Authoritarian Party. It adheres to pro-western and Authoritarian views. Goals of the Democratic party include making Christianity the state religion of Hengelveld as well as promotion of nationalism. The President of Hengelveld has absolute power and a 10 year term, maximal 1 term to be re-elected the Congress, a unicameral parliament. The Congress is elected by popular vote every four years or when dissolved. The Congress is dominated by two parties, the Action Party and the Democratic Party. The Premier is the head of government and is appointed by the President. The Premier is the head of the Cabinet, and he appoints and dismisses the Ministers of State. The Premier is formally appointed by the President.


Hengelveld consists of two enclaves, Hengelveld (the capital) and Konyo. It also has a claim in Antartica.