Crown Republic of Flinders

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Crown Republic of Flinders
Flag of
CRF Flag
Motto: For people and peace
Capital CityFlinders Crown City
Official languagesEnglish, Noongar
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Callum Russell
Establishment18 June, 2022
• Dissolved
7 August 2022
• Total
5.293 km2 (2.044 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyFlinders Kronen
Time zoneUTC+08:00
Driving sideleft

The Crown Republic of Flinders was a self-proclaimed sovereign state located in south-western Australia. It declared independence from the Commonwealth of Australia on 18 June, 2022, and was formally dissolved on 7 August, 2022. The nation was subdivided into two states, Aeonia and Southwater, and two Crown Territories, Batternia and the Macleay Territories.

The King of the Crown Republic of Flinders is Callum Russell, a micronationalist and former President of the Concordian Republic. The capital is Flinders Crown City, located in Batternia. Despite the nation's youth, it has a relatively good standing in the western Australian micronational community.


The Crown Republic of Flinders sourced the name 'Flinders' from Flinders Bay in south-west Australia. Flinders Bay in turn took its name from Captain James Flinders, a 19th century navigator. 'Crown Republic' referred to the dual state of monarchy and democracy in Flinders.

Aeonia, one of the states, took its name from an original state in the Concordian Republic. Southwater, the other state, referred to its southern location and bayside views. Batternia was named for the ruling King's royal house, the House of Batternia, in turn named for the German town and ancestral family of Battenberg.


The Crown Republic of Flinders was a short-lived nation. It was founded and declared independence from Australia on 18 June 2022. Two days after founding, the borders were mapped and three days later, the MicroWiki page was created. Over the next week, it went through much development internally, as important frameworks were set up. On 29 June, it formally claimed the Macleay Territories, an island group off the coast of northern Australia. The next day, the Crown Territory of New Aeonia changed its name to Batternia. On 1 July, Callum I of Flinders formally resigned from his prior nation project, leaving him to focus on Flinders. The same day, the capital, New Aeonia City, was renamed to Flinders Crown City. Two rocks in the Macleay Territories were also named after late YouTuber, Technoblade. The next day, the Macleay Territories were officially incorporated, bringing Flinders' total land area to almost 5.293 square kilometres. Falling into inactivity in mid-July 2022, it was formally dissolved on 7 August 2022 when the Federal Republic of Ithyca and the Republic of Shetvik & St Alouarn were jointly founded.

Politics and government

The Crown Republic of Flinders was ruled by the King and the Council. The King, Callum Russell, was the Head of State and founder of the nation. The Council was made up of Representatives from the states and territories, and was used to pass laws. The nation, however, was a true democracy. All major laws were put to a referendum, compiled and conducted monthly. Minor laws, however, were simply authenticated by the Council and King.

Law and order

The Crown Republic of Flinders had a single military and police force, the Crown Guard. They acted as a civil police organisation, as well as a defence force. Flinders also had no judiciary, however the Council may have acted as one if required.

Foreign relations

Though the Crown Republic of Flinders did not have any foreign relations, it was anticipated they may enter into relations with the Concordian Republic and Dreamtopiania, both nearby nations.


As previously stated, the Crown Guard was the nation's single defence force. However, in the case of war, all citizens may have served in a Crown-commissioned Army.