Tsardom of Kaltarsia

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Tsardom of Kaltarsia
Tsariju da Káltarsi (Kaltarsian)
Flag of Tsardom of Kaltarsia
Anthem: Flag o’ Kaltarsia
CapitalSeamróg City
Official languages
100% Roman Catholic
• Tsar
Aaron I
Establishment1 March 2023
• Estimate
CurrencyKaltarsian Regal

The Tsardom of Kaltarsia, formerly the Empire of Kaltarsia, commonly known as just Kaltarsia, is a micronation in the Kolniari Sector. Kaltarsia was founded on 1 March 2023 by the Taoiseach of the Grand Kolniaric Republic, who wanted to have his own nation following the dissolution of the Sprinske Republic.

Kaltarsia is the unofficial successor to the Sprinske Republic, and by extension, it is the current continuation of the Sprinske Empire.


Empire of Kaltarsia

Kaltarsia was founded on 1 March 2023 as the Empire of Kaltarsia, it was declared by Emperor Aaron I a few days after Sprinske, the Catanese Republic and Armora united to form the Grand Kolniaric Republic. Just like Kaltarsia, Skarstan also declared independence from the GKR for similar reasons on the same day.

Tsardom of Kaltarsia

Kaltarsia officially became the Tsardom of Kaltarsia on 22 March 2023, which was the Tsar, Aaron I’s 14th birthday. Aaron I declared that Kaltarsia would be his main Micronational focus from now on. He got 8 custom flags for his birthday, which was the same day as the tsardom’s founding, but they were all flags of the Sprinske Empire, so he declared that the Tsardom of Kaltarsia would use the same flag.


Kaltarsia is officially a constitutional monarchy but is a de facto absolute monarchy. The highest authority in the nation is the Tsar, despite being officially constitutional, the Tsar has a high level of power and can pass laws without the consent of government. The nation’s legislature is the Davàrage, which is the Sprinske word for government. The legislature’s official name is 'La Davàrage de Kaltarsia' even when used in English or Scots. The Kaltarsian word is Davaraza, but the Davàrage was the name given to the Sprinske Empire’s legislature, and it was carried over to Kaltarsia when the nation gained independence. The Davàrage is democratically elected, with each of the regions having one seat. The regions represented in the Davàrage are: Seamróg City, Eaglais, Shedhill, New Tripoli, Mandela City, New Sài Gòn and Gorbachevgrad. Each of the regions elects one member to the Davàrage, who represents a particular party, a party must have a majority of four regions before the Tsar can invite them to form a government, if no party gains a majority, a coalition must be formed within a certain amount of time or voting goes on to a second round. Members of the Davàrage have the power to propose and vote on laws.

Culture and Media

Kaltarsian culture is naturally very similar to Celtic culture, and it evolved naturally over a short period of time along with some Kolniaric cultures, and Kolniaric memes are still very popular in the nation, along with Microball satire of the chaos of the Kolniari Sector.


Everyone in Kaltarsia speaks Scots, which is the primary language in the nation, used in both formal and informal conversation. Whilst all citizens do speak English, they are encouraged to speak Scots instead to get rid of the feeling that Scots is informal or even slang. All government documents are written in either Scots or Kaltarsian, and English is very rarely used in the nation. Kaltarsian is a Kolniaric language of the Dalrigiac sub variety, meaning it is effectively mutually intelligible with Dalrigian, but has more in common with Dalrigian than proper Kolniaric languages such as Sprinske or Seitnamic. Kaltarsian also has more influences from Romance languages, in part because its creator, Tsar Aaron I, has a greater knowledge of French than what he did when he made the other Kolniaric languages and used French as an influence for some parts of Kaltarsian.


Kaltarsian media is also very similar to Dalrigian media. The comedy genre is very popular in Kaltarsia just like in Dalrigia, especially sitcoms such as Only Fools and Horses, Still Game and Mrs. Brown’s Boys. On top of that, The Godfather is the most popular film in Kaltarsia, followed by A Night To Remember and Waterloo.

Foreign Relations

The Tsardom of Kaltarsia inherited its predecessor’s intermicronational relations. It has a strong alliance with the other nations of the Kolniari Sector, and is a member multiple inter-Kolniaric treaties and organisations such as the Kolniaric Defence Aliance.