Republic of New Riga

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Republic of New Riga
Republik de New ស្រោnning(Valentian)
Républica de Nérast Ríga (Sprinske)
Flag of Republic of New Riga
Map of New Riga
Map of New Riga
and largest city
New Riga
Recognised national languagesDonkrean
• Leader(Taoiseach)
• Established a free community in Mestaria in ValeVRG.
22 November 2022
• Independence from ValeVRG
18 June 2023
• Dissolution
30 October 2023
CurrencySprinske Delta
Driving sideleft

The Republic of New Riga was a micronation in the Kolniari Sector and formerly a nanonation of ValeVRG, created by Aaron. The idea of an independent New Riga was proposed on 30 October 2020, at the signing of the Treaty of Spritsnasque, but was rejected in favour of the Imperial Republic of Donkrea. Since then, multiple proposals were made and suggested that New Riga should be independent from the rest of Donkrea.

After the fall of the Imperial Republic of Donkrea in late 2022, Donkrea was given to Alba Nuadh as a crown colony, but after it fell inactive, independence proposals began to be seriously considered.

On 22 November 2022 an official free community was made in Mestaria on ValeVRG. New Riga was the capital of the Province of Donkrea under the Sprinske Communist Republic, then the capital of the Imperial Republic of Donkrea from 2020-2022 during that country’s existence, and now it is the capital of the Crowned Colony of Donkrea. Ever since the foundation of the Sprinske Communist Republic, there had been calls for an independent New Riga, most of which were suppressed by the Sprinske Communist Republic’s secret police force.


Sprinske Communist Republic

New Riga as a city was most likely founded in mid August 2020, before any borders of the country were drawn, it was just another city of the Sprinske Communist Republic, overshadowed by neighbouring city of Corneria, but when the Sprinske Communist Republic began drawing borders between its areas creating provinces, New Riga stood out as the capital of the largest province, Donkrea. It was one of the three most important cities in the country, the others being the capital city of the nation, Corneria, and the strategically placed city of Marxtown. During the days of the Sprinske Communist Republic, there was a decent amount of support for Donkrean nationalism, but it was almost always suppressed by the nation’s secret police, and occasionally the army. On 26 October 2020, the Sprinske Communist Republic sent its army to deal with a Donkrean independence protest occurring just outside of New Riga, resulting in the army clashing with the protesters. This violence began to destabilise the nation as many began to question the government and its authority, which may have survived the controversy if the Banana Uprising did not occur the next day.

Banana Uprising

When the Banana Uprising began on 27 October 2020, Donkrea was split over the issue of fighting. Most ignored the calls to fight for the country while a few decided to fight, but the Province of Donkrea, especially New Riga, were against Prince Gregor even more so than King Zachary, so many decided to stay neutral during the fighting. Just before the battle happened in the palace, Prime Minister Aaron met with some high-ranking officials in New Riga to discuss the war and what side to take, ultimately deciding on neither. When the Banana Uprising ended, it had destabilised the country even more than before, leaving many in Donkrea to consider rebelling to have an independent nation.

Sprinske Revolution

On 29 October 2020, the Sprinske Revolution began. Many in Donkrea supported this revolution as their interests were more aligned with the interests of the rebels, and many from New Riga decided to join the rebels, despite this, New Riga was the only battle in the revolution where the army won. After the fall of Marxtown to the rebels, they began approaching New Riga the next day, but faced a much larger force from the army who managed to successfully defend the city, pushing the rebels back to Marxtown, but just after this, the Battle of Corneria began, and the Sprinske Communist Republic surrendered.

Proposals for an independent New Riga

On 30 October 2020, New Riga became the subject of discussion at the conference which was drafting the Treaty of Spritsnasque as the issue of Donkrea was raised. The initial proposal was to split Donkrea into the smaller Republic of New Riga, which would encompass the cities of New Riga and Marxtown, and the much larger nation, the Republic of Donkrea, which would take up most of Donkrea’s land but wouldn’t have as much population as the Republic of New Riga. This was because New Riga was nowhere near the centre of Donkrea, and could create strife over the location of the capital city, so the initial proposal was to make New Riga and Marxtown independent. This proposal was then rejected as the Imperial Republic of Donkrea was chosen instead, as a satellite state of the Sprinske Empire, it would be much stronger than two separate Donkreas. The Imperial Republic of Donkrea was founded on 31 October 2020 when Emperor Aaron I appointed a Prime Minister for the nation, but the Imperial Republic of Donkrea was plagued by inactivity and Micronational terrorism, eventually nearly falling to the Gorralic Communist Union in early 2021 before a military intervention by the Sprinske Empire. Donkrea became an anarchist nation when the Prime Minister unexpectedly resigned in December 2021, which increased the desire for an independent New Riga more than ever. In 2022, the idea of an independent New Riga was brought up again unexpectedly, and some plans were made to make the city of New Riga its own independent micronational city state, one of only a few in existence. Now that Donkrea is a crowned colony of Alba Nuadh, it looks increasingly likely that the Republic of New Riga may actually come into existence in the near future.

Nanonation of ValeVRG

On 22 November 2022, New Riga became a community of the Mestaria, an nanonation on ValeVRG, created by Aaron, the emperor of Sprinske Empire in 2022, Became a nanonation of ValeVRG separate from Mestaria on 30 December 2022

Invasion during the Second Kolniaric War

On 16 January 2023, the Republic of New Riga was invaded by the Union of the Free despite being a neutral country. This attack was condemned by multiple micronations, including the Iron Republic, Sprinske Republic, Catanese Republic, Pekatan and ValeVRG, leading to the latter four entering the war. The invasion was also regarded by the Kolniaric Union as a war crime under Kolniaric law, as invading a neutral country unprovoked is prohibited by the New Fiorentina Agreement.

Independence and dissolution

On 18 June 2023, ValeVRG collapsed, and this meant that the Republic of New Riga became fully independent. New Riga as an independent nation was inactive, and on 29 October 2023, Aaron I called a meeting to discuss the Donkrean Subsector, known as the Second Donkrean Round Table, where changes to the map of Donkrea were discussed. An agreement was reached in the early hours of the morning, and the Donkrean nations of Dalacia and Doncaniya were dissolved, as well as multiple new changes to the map. West Donkrea gained an enclave surrounded by Colvarasia and New Riga, a new nation was formed out of some of the western parts of the nation, Valdgeperepublik, the Falconiac Republic became the Falconiac Union and absorbed Doncaniya, and New Riga made very similar territorial claims to the original republic. New Riga became the Empire of New Riga, with Aaron I as the Kaiser, a title he chose as a homage to the Sprinske Republic. On 30 October 2023, three years to the day since the dissolution of the Sprinske Communist Republic and the foundation of the Sprinske Empire, the Empire of New Riga officially succeeded the Republic of New Riga.


After entering Mestaria, the type of government changed to Mestarism.