Republic of Colvarasia

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Team Community Mestarist Republic of Colvarasia
República De Colvarasia (Spanish) República Da Colvarásia (Portuguese)
Flag of Colvarasia
Coat of arms of Colvarasia
Coat of arms
"Levantémonos con esperanza" (Spanish)
"reerguemos com esperança" (Portuguese)
"任何 nis dêvlèti停止 "(Valentian)
Official languagesSpanish and Portuguese
• President and Creator
• Vice President
• Establishment of the Khaganate of Colvarasia
26 April 2023
• Independence from ValeVRG
18 June 2023
• Fall of ValeVRG
18 June 2023
CurrencyReal mestaria
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

The Community Team Mestarist Republic of Colvarasia, more commonly known as Colvarasia or Team Colvarasia, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation to external observers, which is the official successor of ValeVRG, the capital city is Peperonus. It was founded on 18 June 2023 by Jake.



The Republic of Valentia Riqueza and Grandeza, more commonly known as ValeVRG (Valentian: ድፍድR偉), was a self-proclaimed sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation to external observers, located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile and Finland. the population is Hispanic and Brazilian, the capital city is Peperonus. It was founded on 21 May 2022 by Jake and Betta, although plans for its creation 5 days before.

Khaganate of Colvarasia

During the decision of the division of Donkreas in Kolniari Sector, Jake created the Feudalist Righdom Republic Khaganate of Donkrea Cutist Peace Pount of Pointless Pountiér Poting Pouting of Pount dí Donkría Union of Forces Army (FRRKoDCPPoPPPPoPdDUoFA) on 26 April 2023, later in the same day it became the Khaganate of Colvarasia with Jake being the Khagan. The language was Mongatin, inspired by turkic, mongol and kolniaric languages.

Fall of ValeVRG

In 18 June 2023, ValeVRG Team members made a reunion, discussing the inactivity of ValeVRG, the members came to the conclusion that the micronation should end, the group should go back to being simple and private. Jake resisted against this, but ended up settling down and ending the micronation, creating the Republic of Colvarasia, uniting ValeVRG and Colvarasia in the same nation. The private ValeVRG group was created in the same day.


On 24 June 2023, Iker tried to recreate ValeVRG, initially Colvarasia was against it because of the treaty with ValeVRG Team members but later they became allies.

Caribbean Belt

Flag of Caribbean Belt

The Caribbean Belt is an group of micronations that are dedicated to protect and help caribbean and latin-american micronations in military and diplomatic fields. It has bases mostly in the Greater Antilles thanks to the support of micronations and individuals in the region. It also count with the proteccion of the Dresden Pact because one of the latin-american micronations is member of the pact. It is a an peaceful group and don't tolerate any agression, It was created by Chris I, Jake and Boston in 14 August 2023.

Micronation Leader Entry Date
 New German Empire Chris I 14 August 2023
 Republic of Colvarasia Jake 14 August 2023
 Intercontinental Republic of the Americas Boston 14 August 2023

Team Colvarasia

On 22 October 2023, Jake created the Team Colvarasia, with the goal of remaking what TeamValeVRG was and finally making an active community, some of the first micronational leaders were Green Green from The Iron Republic, Aaron I from Empire of Kaltarsia and Iker I from Ikerlàndia.

Second Donkrean Round Table

On 29 October 2023, Aaron I called a meeting to discuss the Donkrean Subsector, known as the Second Donkrean Round Table, where changes to the map of Donkrea were discussed. An agreement was reached in the early hours of the morning, and the Donkrean nations of Dalacia and Doncaniya were dissolved, as well as multiple new changes to the map. West Donkrea gained an enclave surrounded by Colvarasia and New Riga, a new nation was formed out of some of the western parts of the nation, Valdgeperepublik, the Falconiac Republic became the Falconiac Union and absorbed Doncaniya, and New Riga made very similar territorial claims to the original republic. New Riga became the Empire of New Riga.

Colvarasia-ValeVRG Conflicts

Jake made the Team to please the members of the ValeVRG private group, but the group controlled by Alex didn't accept it, accusing Jake of ruining ValeVRG with the micronation and making several provocations saying that the new group is superior to Colvarasia. After several tensions in the next days, a conflict emerged in 02 November 2023, with the ValeVRG Private Group expelling and attacking Colvarasia, but in the next days the tension began to decrease until it ended. On 02 November 2023, Jake united the micronation with team and changed it to Community Team Mestarist Republic of Colvarasia, creating a new concept of micronation, a Community Team Micronation.


Climate data for Peperonus, Colvarasia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 86
Average high °F (°C) 77
Average low °F (°C) 68
Record low °F (°C) 63
[citation needed]

Foreign Relations

Micronational Relations

Allies Organizations and Alliances Not Confirmed Allies Nations of Mittyzöegaad-Peperonus Sector Mutual recognition Unilateral recognition Enemies Terrorist groups
 New German Empire Pacific Association of Micronations  Varland Republic  New German Empire  Eintrachtia  Liberland  Ikonia United Socialist Republics
 Intercontinental Republic of the Americas GMO  Salanda  Principality of Ikerlàndia Guinean Republic of Irennelàndia  Sealand Guevarist Party of Paloma
 Kingdom of Kunasho Titanium Pact Republic of Corsa Guinean Republic of Irennelàndia  Molossia  Union of the Free Organization for a Greater Fatherland
 Principality of Ikerlàndia Caribbean Belt Republic of Ruskajista Empire of Aishalàndia New Potato Land  Union of the Free
Dalrigia United States of the Rocky Mountains Kingdom of Marinlandia  Richensland
 The Iron Republic  Kingdom of Visland Federal Republic of Aitorlàndia  Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands The Radicals (Kolniari)
Sovereign Military Kingdom of the Land of the Bears Republic of Olov Democratic Republic of Davilènia  Roscamistan
Federal Union of Democratic Soviet Socialist Republics  Intercontinental Republic of the Americas  Snagov
 Mestarist Republic of Valentia South Ikerlàndia  Pontunia
 Empire of Kaltarsia  The Iron Republic  Canaan Lake
 Kolniari Free State  Imperial State of Beork  Garránia
Federal Republic of New Flag New Flag Dalrigia  Penn
Vaalyzööe Federal Republic of New Flag New Flag all Pacific Association of Micronations members
 Holy Empire of the Kappa  Republic of Colvarasia  State of Faltree
Vaalyzööe all The Micro United Nations members
all GUM members
Nova Roma
 Novus Hierosolymis
Federal Republic of the Institute
Empire of Aishalàndia
Federal Republic of Aitorlàndia
Democratic Republic of Davilènia
Federal Republic of Early
Principality of MicroNation
Democratic Republic of New Asia

Macronational Relations

Recognized Refused Recognition
w:United Nations all UN members, except Belarus  Belarus
 Palestine National Resistance Front
 Taiwan Awá Brazil
 Kosovo Navajo Nation
  Vatican City
 Western Sahara
 Northern Cyprus
 Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Wa State
Western Togoland
West Papua
 Cook Islands
 South Ossetia
Teutonic Order