Mestarist Republic of Valentia

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Mestarist Republic of Valentia
Flag of Mestarist Republic of Valentia
CapitalRio de Valentía
Official languagesSpanish, Portuguese, Valentian, Scots, Irish and Sprinske
• President 1
• President 2
• Established in the Kolniaric War as an ValeVRG state
08 December 2022
• Independent from ValeVRG
02 March 2023
• Estimate
CurrencyReal valentía and Sprisnke Delta
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

The Mestarist Republic of Valentia commonly refered as Kolniaric Valentia is a micronation in Kolniari Sector independent from ValeVRG in 2 March 2023. It was estabilished as an ValeVRG State in 8 December 2022 in the Kolniaric War after a treaty with Corriente and talks with ICROTA.


Creation of The State

Kolniaric War

The Kolniaric War, known in Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba as the Second Great Christmas War is a major conflict within the Kolniari Sector between the nations of the Kolniaric Union and the Union of the Free. The war was declared on 7 December 2022 after a troublesome period known as the Kolniari Cold War, itself following the Seitnamic War. In the same day ValeVRG started to support Sprinske and created this state to protect Kolniari nations and supported by ICROTA, and also for a territory negotiation treaty with Corriente.


After some on 2 March 2023 Jake and Aaron made agreements and declared Mestarist Republic of Valentia independent from ValeVRG.

Foreign Relations

Micronational Relations

Allies Organizations and Alliances Former Allies Nations of Kolniaric Sector Mutual recognition Unilateral recognition Enemies Terrorist groups
 Republic of ValeVRG GMO  Republic of Donkrea  Liberland United Socialist Republics
 Micronational Confederation of the Americas Template:Country data Mafia Republic  Sealand Federal Republic of Zeprana (McKeenist Zeprana)
 Empire of Kaltarsia  Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba  Molossia State of Aipamander Rebels
 Republic of Donkrea  Union of the Free New Potato Land Guevarist Party of Paloma
 Sprinske Republic  Republic of Pekatan  Richensland Organization for a Greater Fatherland
 Principality of Ikerlàndia  Republic of New Riga  Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands  Union of the Free
 The Iron Republic  North Sprinske  Roscamistan
Berghassa Republic  Snagov The Radicals (Kolniari)
 Sprinske Republic  Pontunia
 Kolniari Free State  Canaan Lake
Free Republic of Skarstan  Garránia
 Empire of Kaltarsia  Penn
 Mestarist Republic of Valentia all Pacific Association of Micronations members
 State of Faltree
all The Micro United Nations members
all GUM members
Nova Roma
Nova Roma
 Novus Hierosolymis
Federal Republic of the Institute
Empire of Aishalàndia
Federal Republic of Aitorlàndia
Democratic Republic of Davilènia
Federal Republic of Early
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 New German Empire
 Intercontinental Republic of the Americas
 Kingdom of Kunasho
Holy Empire of the Kappa
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United States of the Rocky Mountains
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