Republic of Donkrea

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Republic of Donkrea
Flag of Republic of Donkrea
and largest city
New Riga
Official languagesScots
Roman Catholic
Governmentmilitary dictatorship
• Taoiseach
EstablishmentDecember 2018
• Census
CurrencyDonkrean Thorn (RDT)
Driving sideleft

The Republic of Donkrea is a micronation in the Kolniari Sector in Glasgow, Scotland. It originally existed from late 2018 to early 2019 before it was brought back by its former Taoiseach on 15 January 2023. For a while, the Sprinske Empire believed that the Sprinske Communist Republic was the first nation of the Kolniari Sector, but the Republic of Donkrea predates it by some months.

The original nation’s short existence was peaceful, and it remains one of the only Kolniaric nations to always be at peace, but it eventually merged with some local communist forces to create the Sprinske Communist Republic after just 3 months of existence.


The Republic of Donkrea was a nation founded by the future Emperor Aaron I of Sprinske in late 2018. Around the same time, Zachary Stewart and a few of his friends also founded a group of communists that loosely resembled a nation and held some lands near the Republic of Donkrea. As the Republic of Donkrea was a socialist nation, communism was not too different from their own ideology, and as time went on, it looked more and more likely that the nation would merge with the communist forces.

The Taoiseach of Donkrea introduced to the communists the concept of micronationalism, leading to the communists founding a nation to the east of Donkrea, which has been lost to time. In January of 2019, the communist nation and the Republic of Donkrea merged together to form the Sprinske Communist Republic with a deal written that would make Zachary Stewart King Zachary I, and Taoiseach Aaron would become the nation’s Prime Minister. This resulted in Donkrea becoming a province of the new nation, and it held two out of three major cities. The capital of Donkrea was New Riga, which quickly became a very important city in the Sprinske Communist Republic and soon may even become a micronational city state. The other city was Donkrea City, which was renamed to Marxtown as part of the new communist reforms.

Second Republic of Donkrea

The Second Republic of Donkrea was declared on 15 January 2023 as the continuation of the original Republic. The nation’s official name is still the Republic of Donkrea, but it is commonly referred to as the Second Republic to distinguish from the original nation. The Second Republic was founded after Niall I of Lihohia’s departure from micronationalism, although it is embedded in the nation’s constitution that it will return to Lihohia if it returns.


The Republic of Donkrea was officially a democratic nation, but due to the low population, it was in reality more like a military dictatorship. The leader of the nation was known as the Taoiseach, a word meaning ‘chief’ in Irish, and a nod to the nation’s Irish-Scot ethnic majority, which also included the Taoiseach himself. The nation was officially socialist, but gained more communist influences by December 2018, and in January 2019, joined the Sprinske Communist Republic.