Union of the Free

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The Union of the Free
Flag of Union of the Free
Motto: "We are the beginning of a new era and the end of an old one."
Anthem: Scotland The Brave
A map of the Kolniari Sector with a focus on T.U.O.T.F and her territory’s.
A map of the Kolniari Sector with a focus on T.U.O.T.F and her territory’s.
Official languages
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• President
Zachary Stewart
• Formation
24 October 2022 (unofficially) 25 October 2022 (officially)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
100-200 residents, 10-20 citizens
CurrencySprinske Delta (de jure), Pound Sterling (de facto)
Time zoneUTC+1 (GMT+1)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Union of the Free was a micronation in the Kolniari Sector that replaced the People’s Democratic Republic of Sprinske. It was founded on 25 October 2022, and was the recognised as the successor to the P.D.R.S and unrecognised predecessor to Free Scotland

Revision of the Constitution

Α & Ω (alpha and omega, the start and end of the Greek alphabet), the start and end, the end and the start of a new age. The Union Of The Free was the one nation above all. We as a collective want to change the world in a good way.

If the planet continues to go down the path it’s current on then it was doomed for destruction. Racists, pushy gays, homophobic people, pushy vegans, pornography, drugs, alcohol, sexism, false news, obesity, greed, fascists, anarchists, atheists that push their beliefs, propaganda and mental illnesses and people that fake metal illness.

All of that was corrupting humanity and ruining the already small chance of humanity as well as this planet will recover from all the damaging wars and climate change and pollution and threat of a nuclear holocaust. We need to turn the fate of all known life away from extinction and that was the ultimate and final goal of The Union Of The Free, to save the world.


'The Union' symbolises that the nation was a union of the people that live there. 'The Free' means that inhabitants and citizens are free from the east and west, foreign conflict, and foreign influence.



The symbol of Stewartism and the coat of arms fog T.U.O.T.F.

The Union Of The Free has its own ideology. It was named after its creator, President Zachary Stewart. The ideology was named Stewartism and was in the authoritarian left side of the political table and it also incorporates a small amount of right wing ideas. The ideology as a brief run down on the official Tik Tok page where you can also get in touch with Zachary Stewart, though it does not incorporate all of the base ideas, essentially the account was in a beta testing phase. The name of the account was Stewartism. the main aspects of it are the following; restore the balance of masculinity and femininity, equal pay, no sexism, no racism, free housing (with no rent), free food, the hopeful removal of money and the need for money, removal of class, equal rights to all, the eradication of pedophila; rape and zoophiles, the banning of anarchism, fascism and nazism, eradication of drugs and most alcohol (with an exception to vodka and whiskey), any false propaganda, pornography and any biased views, Stewartism also looks to embrace and enhance tradition instead of ether accepting it and forgoing the wonderful technology we have today or or reject it and forsake its ancestors. The ideology was created for two essential reasons that we think we have but we don’t; free speech and freedom of nation. Stewartism has very negative views towards west minster and London but it was know that that was incredibly biased but still recognised as a large part of the ideology even though being biased and having a closed mind was illegal/ looked down on, this was the only exception as the nation was located in Glasgow which has been under west minster control for an estimated 315 years circa 4/11/22.

The President

The president was essentially a democratically elected dictator that serves until death or resignation, this was unchangeable as it states in the constitution if it was the union will split and a civil war will ensue. The President has complete control over all prospects of the union and no other power in the union can match the president’s and the president controls the other powers like PMs as they have no power unless the president states that they have legitimacy. The President was elected from a completely democratic system and was sworn in on the stairs of Destiny. To stop foreign powers form taking control of the union in case of the president’s death the PM will become acting president and the president will act as the leader of a democratic republic until the next president was elected and sworn in.

  1. Zachary Stewart (24/10/22-)

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament are the two houses that decide smaller matters in the union (anything the President doesn’t want to deal with or smaller matters that are not interesting or important enough for the president or the government). The main reason that the union has two houses and no more or no less was because the House Of Romans was a cabinet full of members directly appointed by the President, the House Of Macedonians was a cabinet of publicly elected members. The House Of Macedonians was directly overseen by the House of Romans and the House Of Romans was directly overseen by the President. In a way the Houses of Parliament works like the U.K’s House’s of Parliament.

Namesake of the houses

The two houses are named from the two empires, the Roman Empire and the Macedonian Empire. The reason for this was that these two empires were by far in the top ten most influential in history. The reason for House of Romans being the upper house and the House Of Macedonians being the lesser house was the Romans were debatably more influential then the Macedonians.



The Union Of The Free was formed on the 24/10/2022 unofficially and 25/10/2022 officially. The nation came into existence because its first and great President Zachary Stewart decided that communism and propaganda was not going to be enough to save the planet and the resulting people in it, so not only did he create an ideology by himself with some inspiration from one of his generals Samuel Fitch, he dissolved his nation and created a new one to serve that new ideology. The nation inherited all of Zachary’s former nation's land, the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske. This was hopefully going to be the last nation its great leader will lead as he has no interest in leaving this one or dissolving it, the only three ways to dissolve the nation are almost all impossible too pull off; a coup d’état, invasion, or civil war. In case of any of that all allies will be called in the war to help The Union Of The Free in its struggle.

Wars and Battles

The battle of Zocovia

The battle commenced when Zachary’s younger brother struck him on the face, the battle was a short one as Gregor won the battle in 2 mins against Zachary. Zachary got knocked out too the point of unconsciousness. Gregor got a torn muscle right underneath the pinky finger witch meant he could not utilise his pinky’s full range of motion for two months. The cause of the injury was a badly executed punch to Zachary’s face witch put to much force on the pinky causing it too rip a muscle.

Seitnamic War

Territory gained by the Allies of the Union and the Union it’s self after the war.

The Seitnamic War was a short conflict in the Kolniari Sector revolving around the Duchy of Seitnam. The war began on 10 November 2022 when the Sprinske Empire, Union of the Free and the Catanese Republic invaded Seitnam following threats of a Seitnamic invasion of Pekatan or perhaps the Union of the Free. The invasion of Seitnam started at 7:50 on 10 November 2022 with a declaration of war from the Kolniaric Union’s member states. The Union of the Free was the first country to invade, pushing into the eastern territory of Seitnam with little resistance, soon followed by both the Sprinske Empire and Mafia Republic making advancements in the south and west respectively. Sprinske focused it’s efforts on taking the panhandle, but was met with the most resistance by the Seitnamic army. Due to a combination of the wind and the Seitnamic army, Emperor Aaron I of Sprinske fell into the bushes in the panhandle, which are also a hill, and got stuck in the bushes for about 3 minutes. During this battle The Union Of the Free’s army (led by the president) was capturing what was now a part of the New Arkhangelsk Range, because of that the Union got to keep the territory that was captured.The Sprinske Empire did manage to occupy the panhandle, but Seitnam attempted a push into Gorbachevgrad, before agreeing to surrender on the condition that they kept the panhandle and all of the bushes region.


Size and laws

the peoples army (the name of The Union Of The Free) has a active role in the nation even during peacetime. The army can act as a personal bodyguard for the current president or whoever he/she finds fit, as well as being a bodyguard the army has known to act like the emergency services. It has 15 known active personnel. In case of the army being drained all males 10-18 and all females 12-16 are enrolled in a cadet class for a summer encase of war, it’s improbable that the army will ever be defeated as all active personnel including all politicians are trained for a combat situation too the point that they could meet the description of an S.A.S soldier. Since some worldwide protests about women in the workforce they are now included in all conscription laws so in case of mass conscription they will be included.

Production of equipment

All means of production are owned by cinneasachadh corporation (Gaelic) witch in turn was owned by the state and has multiple branches including military branches. The equipment of the army as at the same technological level as the Sprinske Empire.

Awards and medals in order of merit

  • Medal of the Stewart
  • Medal of the People
  • Medal of Honour
  • Medal of the Baron
  • Ribbon of Freedom
  • Ribbon of the Hero of the Sky
  • Ribbon of the Hero of the Ocean
  • Ribbon of the Hero of the Land

Recognised Nations

Current wars and past wars

  • Battle of Zocovia


Holidays of The Union Of The Free
Date Holiday
5 June K-Day
6 June D-Day
17 August Independence Day
29 September St. Michael's Day
31 October Halloween/Hallow's Eve
1 November All Saints Day
5 November Gunpowder Plot
11 November Rememberence Day
30 November St. Andrew's Day
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day

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